How To Make Your Dog Gain Weight After Birth

How To Make Your Dog Gain Weight After Birth

Nursing dogs often struggle to maintain weight after birth. All that milk they produce to give their puppies the best start in life takes quite the toll on your dog’s body, leaving them a little under nourished.

To give your dog a helping hand, you’ll need to ensure they eat a healthy diet rich in certain minerals that will allow them to provide for their puppies whilst keeping their own needs met too.

  1. Consider Feeding Puppy Food To Your DogPuppy food is specifically designed to provide high calorie nutrients to a fast growing puppy. Your nursing dog is actually providing much the same type of nourishment to her puppies so it makes sense to replace like with like.
  2. Treat Her – This is one occasion where we don’t mind you treating your girl, after all, she’s doing a great job and needs a little help. Try giving her a high calorie treat or alternatively something with plenty of fats in it.
  3. Don’t Be Scared To Load Your Dogs Bowl – Try adding extra food to your dog’s bowl. She’ll mostly likely eat all of it up, giving her extra nutrients and food to hopefully bulk her out a bit. Don’t overdo it though, we don’t want to replace an underweight yet healthy dog with an overweight and unhealthy one!
  4. Increase Daily Meals – Try upping the number of meals in a day to 3 or 4. By spacing the extra food a bit you’ll be more likely to see it all eaten up in one go. Try not to make too much of a habit of this however as your dog could become upset if you suddenly withdraw the food when she’s gained her weight back.
  5. Watch Out For Illness – If your dog stubbornly refuses to gain weight, ensure she gets treated for Roundworm, Hookworm or Giardia. If you’re really worried about your dog’s weight, don’t hesitate to take her to your vet as it could be a sign of serious disease or illness.
  6. If your dog simply won’t eat… – you may want to consider placing them in their dog crate or dog playpen so that they are forced to be in direct proximity to their food. Take all of their toys out of the crate or playpen so that it’s just your dog and their food. Eventually the smell of their food will become too desirable and your dog will eat. You can find our guide on crate training here your dog here.

Ultimately, the best way to increase your dog’s weight after puppies is to consider exactly what’s happening inside your dog.

They’re having to produce a large number of nutrients to help their puppies thrive, often at the expense of their own body.

By increasing your dog’s meals, increasing healthy dog treats or simply changing up their food to a puppy formula, you can try and replace the nutrients they’re losing to their puppies.


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