iCode Dog Car Seat Cover & Pet Travel Hammock with Durable Super Soft Heavy Gauge Waterproof Fabric for Car Truck SUV-Black Review

iCode Dog Car Seat Cover & Pet Travel Hammock with Durable Super Soft Heavy Gauge Waterproof Fabric for Car Truck SUV-Black ReviewIs there any better road companion than a dog? Tail wagging, head out the window, a dog can make even a daily commute feel like a memorable road trip.

There has to be just one drawback of having your best friend in the backseat: the mess. After a run in the park, a romp through the woods, or even a walk in the city, you can usually count on your dog to wipe its muddy paws, or else drool on the seats.

The mess is enough to make any care free day with your furry friend into an ordeal that can make you want to pull your hair out. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, and the solution is simpler than it ever has been in fact.

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iCode has release a new Dog Car seat Cover that makes driving with your dog the carefree venture that it always should be. No longer do you have to choose between your car or dog!


Any good solution to the problems posed by brining your dog along for a car ride has to be a quick one. Anything that requires a huge investment of time is hardly any help because you might as well take the time to clean your seats after each ride. This is where iCode’s car seat cover solution truly shines.

The cover is a more or less universal for any car or truck, so you won’t have to worry about making time consuming adjustments to tailor the cover for your car. Even better, the cover itself can be secured in your backseat in under a minute.

The process of putting the cover in your back seat could not be simpler. It’s just a matter of fastening the prefabricated anchors on the car seat to a few predetermined spots found in all backseats. Instructions are clear and foolproof.

What about after the iCode car seat cover is installed? How does it hold up? Put simply, it does its job and it does its job extremely well.

The bottom of the cover is cleverly fitted with a rubber backing that will prevent the cover from slipping and sliding all over the car. After all, nobody wants to reinstall the cover every time they get in the car no matter how easy the installation process.

The cover itself is made of high quality fabric that will effectively stop every doggy dirt you can imagine: mud, dander, drool, and even marks from claws, the cover will prevent it all from getting on your seat.

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If the cover is doing its job and stopping all this dirt you can expect the cover to need frequent cleaning. Luckily the cover makes that a breeze. It’s easily removed, easily washable, and just as easily installed back in your back seat. Here again, the cover doesn’t let a mess get in the way of your day to day.

Lastly, a feature truly sets the iCode cover apart: Velcro slots that allow humans in the back seat to easily access seat belts. Your car remains as versatile as ever with the cover, and is well suited for moving dogs, people, and anything else you might think of.



iCode Dog Car Seat Cover & Pet Travel Hammock with Durable Super Soft Heavy Gauge Waterproof Fabric for Car Truck SUV-Black ReviewInstallation is a breeze, and that’s not only important for installing it out of the box, but also taking the cover in and out for cleaning.


The cover is made of a quality fabric that is waterproof, and makes cleaning about easy as possible.


iCode stands by their product and its quality. The cover comes with a lifetime warranty, so there no risk of not getting the most for your money.



The only comes in black, which looks great in all cars and hides the appearance of dirt. Those looking for other brighter colors will be out of luck, however.

Where to Look

The iCode seat cover is a fantastic product that does exactly as advertised and does it well. You’re not going to find a seat cover for dogs out there that’s of higher quality.

For those looking to pick up their own iCode cover should check out the product on Amazon. It’s a great place to purchase because Amazon offers great value in addition to further specs and reviews that might prove useful.

Remember, the iCode warranty is a fantastic policy that also protects your purchase so there’s no reason at all not to check out the iCode seat cover today and get one for your, your dog’s, and your car’s sake. Here’s the link to Amazon where you can check it out some more!


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