The Simple Steps To Take For Increased Bonding With Your Dog

Most dog owners want to improve their relationship with their dog. You want your dog to feel close to you and be your best friend. Companionship is everything with your dog, and it is really easy to improve your bonding with your dog. This article will tell you how to do that.

Do You Have A Bonding Problem With Your Dog?

Even the most caring of dog owners can have a dog who does not feel a good bond with you. You need to look for the signs and some of these are:

  • Your dog has no desire to play with you
  • Your dog makes several attempts to run away from you
  • Your dog is emotionally indifferent to you. He may be emotionally indifferent to other family members too
  • Your dog does not like you touching him or being handled in any way
  • Your dog is lethargic or shows signs of depression
  • Your dog does not respond to any commands from you
  • Your dog is belligerent towards you and may be aggressive
  • Your dog does not make eye contact with you

If you have a dog that has been recently rescued you need to bear in mind that he could still be pining for his previous owner, and some or all of these signs could be present. Your dog will need time to get over this, so you need to be very patient. When you rescue a dog they can become depressed about new surroundings, and the uncertainty of everything.

The Signs That You Have A Good Bond With Your Dog

If you already have a strong bond with your dog it will be fairly easy to tell. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to improve this. When your dog sees you he will wag his tail, rub against your legs, have a real sparkle in his eyes and will want to make eye contact with you. He will be delighted to see you when you return home and may even bark with joy. Some of the other signs of a good bond are:

  • Your dog will love any physical attention that you give him
  • Your dog will be continuously looking for you when you are out walking and he is off the leash
  • Your dog will want to walk at the same pace as you when you are out walking together
  • Your dog will look at you a lot
  • Your dog will want to be next to you most of the time
  • Your dog will be able to communicate well with you and tell you what he wants
  • Your dog will be looking for you a lot
  • Your dog will happily spend time looking for you when you are playing hide and seek
  • Your dog will be willing to protect you if he thinks you are under threat

When you have a strong bond with your dog he will want to do everything that he can to please you. He will respond to your commands even if he doesn’t want to do this. If he wants to play longer in the park he will still come to you when you call him.

How To Create A Strong Bond With Your Dog

Even if your current bond with your dog is good you can always improve it. It will take some time and effort on your part, but the rewards are certainly worth it. Remember that all dogs have different personalities, so you need to create a bonding plan specifically for your dog. If you have more than one dog you will need plans for each of them.

Understand What Your Dog Likes And Doesn’t Like

Dogs have likes and dislikes just as we do, so you need to understand what these are and respect them. A lot of dogs will like chasing after a ball that you throw for them and others will not like this. There are some dogs that will always want to cuddle up to you, and there are others that prefer to have their own space. Your dog may enjoy learning a new trick, or they might dislike this activity. Don’t just assume that your dog likes something just because they put up with it.

You can usually tell from your dog’s mannerisms whether he is enjoying what you are doing together. You need to look closely and see how he really reacts to having a cuddle from you. Maybe he prefers to have his tummy tickled. You want to create a list of the things that your dog really likes and you can use these things to assist in the training of your dog. If your dog prefers treats to being given a toy to play with, then use the treats.

Learning The Body Language Of Your Dog

Our relationship with our dogs tends to be a one way street. We give commands to them and expect them to respond. But how many dog owners really know what their dogs want from them? You may think this isn’t possible but it is.

Your dog will tell you a lot of things with his body language. How is your dog holding his ears? Is he wagging his tail, and if so in what direction and how fast? How tense are the corners of your dog’s mouth? How do their eyes look to you?

Take the time out to really study how dogs use their body language to communicate. This will enable you to understand better what they are telling you. When you respond to this, your dog will love it and a significant bond will be formed.

Train Your Dog Regularly

Use positive reinforcement training as often as you can to build a stronger bond with your dog. Your dog will be exercising his brain when he is learning new things from you, and he will receive rewards for doing the right things. Your dog will love this.

Make a commitment to train your dog each day. This will be happening by accident when your dog interacts with you, and when you and he are outside and meet other dogs and people. Every time your dog interacts with you it is a form of training. So get the best out of these opportunities by re-practicing old commands or teaching something new.

When you are out walking together you can use the “sit” and “come” commands. You can also teach him to walk on the other side, or change how fast he walks to be the same as your pace. This kind of daily training will make the bond you have with your dog even stronger.

Have Regular Special One On One Time With Your Dog

Dedicate at least 30 minutes to do things with your dog on a one on one basis. This does not include walks or when he is in the same room or other environment with you. This is special time that is dedicated to your dog. You can groom your dog, play games with him, talk to your dog or take him for a truly interactive walk (leave your cell phone at home).

Use your knowledge of your dog’s body language here. If you can see that he wants more exercise then go and do that. Whatever your dog is telling you then respond to this. This is a very special time which needs to be stress free for you and your dog.


The more time that you are able to spend with your dog and read what he is telling you the stronger your connection will be. Your dog wants to connect with you, as he is a social creature the same as we are. So learn how to read your dog, and you will be strong friends for life.

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