Iris Covered Animal Cage Review

The covered plastic animal cage by Iris is a must have for any dog owner with a small breed. It’s got an incredible design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but offers a practical solution to all the problems that small dog owners will be all too familiar with.

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Iris Covered Animal Cage Features

Iris Covered Animal Cage ReviewThe first thing you’ll notice about the Iris Covered Plastic Animal Cage is the design. The high quality polyester and cotton cover might be practical, but it’s also pleasing to the eye. You can keep the cage conveniently stored right in your living room without the usual eyesore that’s presented by other cages on the market.

The cover not only looks great, but it makes for a better home for your dog. The cover provides a safe, secure space that your pet finds comforting whether they’re going for a cat-nap, turning in for the night, or else being transported to the vet.

The cover aside, the cage itself is also high quality. The plastic is durable, which is great if your dog has a penchant for chewing up furniture. Best of all, it means that you won’t have to worry about the cage cracking if you pack it away , or if you’re on the move.

The door at the front slides open easily, allowing for easy access even in tight spaces. The cage is also fitted with wheels, which means you can move it around the house without the trouble of picking it up. The cage has a lightweight design (about 20lbs.), however, so carrying it up a flight of stairs doesn’t pose a problem like other, bulkier cages might.

Want to keep an eye on your pet? Not a problem. The cover uses a Velcro design that means the cover can be completely removed without any fuss. The front of the cover also uses a clever Velcro latch that allows you to prop the front of the cover open for easy access and viewing.

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It’s clear that Iris designed the cage with you in mind just as much as your pet. As mentioned above, the cover can be easily removed. The fact that itis so easily removed, coupled with the fact that the cotton and polyester blend is in itself easy to clean means that your cage will be looking as fresh as the day you bought it for years to come.


Iris Covered Animal Cage ReviewSturdy

The design was clearly created with both you and your pet in mind. It’s durable, which means your fury friend won’t have you buying a new cage every year.


The size is perfect for small dogs, and makes it portable and easy to store in your home. It also has small and extra-sizes available, so you can customize the size of the cage to your cat or dog.


It’s a great looking cage, which can’t be said about many of the products on the market. It wouldn’t look at all out of place in your living or dining room.

Easy to Maintain

The fabric and Velcro design mean that the cage won’t be a headache to maintain. Keeping it clean is as easy as removing the cover and giving it a wash.


Large Breeds

The cage can only accommodate smaller sized breeds of dogs, cats, and other pets of comparable size. There are, however, plenty of other options out there for larger breeds of dog.


If you own a small dog, you can do no better than the Iris Covered Plastic Animal Cage. The sleek, white cover makes it a stylish alternative to the other cages on the market.

The cage looks good in your home, but more importantly makes a great comfortable place for your pet. The cage’s cover makes it a safe space for your pet to retreat to when they need their own space.

Design was clearly Iris’ top priority. The cover is easy to both put on and remove, the door slides open and closed and comes equipped with a sturdy locking mechanism. Iris also made the cage easy to transport, equipping it with wheels, and keeping the cage lightweight.

Overall, this is an exceptionally good product for the value. Everything from its aesthetics to its features is well executed, and makes the Iris Covered Plastic Animal Cage a great purchase for all owners of small pets. While Iris’ products can be found in a few retail outlets, I would recommend Amazon if you’re looking for the best bargain.


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