Just How Safe Are Dogs In An Outside Dog Kennel?

Just How Safe Are Dogs In An Outside Dog Kennel?

If you’re like a typical American dog owner, you’re probably on the fence on the issue of whether you should put your dogs outside. Believe me, I can see where you’re coming from. It’s really quite a big decision to put your dogs outside. However, if you live in a fairly cramped space or there are certain rules that you need to comply with, oftentimes, using an outside dog kennel is your only choice.

If you have no alternatives, and you are forced to use an outdoor dog kennel, at the very least, make sure they are secure. Now, a lot of home owners and pet owners automatically think that most outside dog kennel models on the American market are safe and sound. This is a false assumption. You really can’t assume that. There are all sorts of manufacturers. A lot of them comply with the rules.

Unfortunately, a lot of them also play fast and loose when it comes to outside dog kennel safety. Make no mistake about it. Physical safety is crucial for outdoor models. You cannot control mother nature. There’s just so many contingencies that can happen. There’s just so many things that could go wrong. Keep the following considerations in mind when trying to determine just how safe a particular outside dog kennel model is.

Large Dogs’ Safety Issues

If you keep a large breed dog outside, keep in mind that for the most part, you don’t know just how active your dog is. One minute your dog might be pawing at the walls of the outside dog kennel and the next minute, your dog might be asleep. While you may be thinking that your dog is mostly sedentary, this might be too much of an assumption to make.

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Your pet’s safety hangs in the balance. If you even suspect that your dog can lean on the outside dog kennel or otherwise apply pressure on it, make sure you pick a model that can withstand your dog’s weight and then some. Otherwise, your choice of a dog kennel might pose some serious safety issues for your large breed dog.

Small dogs, on the one hand, can face interesting challenges as well. The challenge is primarily hygiene-related. Make sure that you pick a kennel design that is very easy to break apart. The easier it is for you to get in there and clean it up, the better it would be for your pet. The last thing that you want is to develop an attitude where cleaning up your outside dog kennel is such a hassle that your pet ends up being the price. How? Debris, fur, and other health hazards might pile up in hard to reach areas of your outside dog kennel. At the very least, you need to pick a unit that is very easy to disassemble. By factoring in this serious consideration early on, you make sure that your pet will live in a clean place for a long long time to come.

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