Some Key Reasons You Need an Outdoor Dog Crate for a More Productive Gardening Experience

Some Key Reasons You Need an Outdoor Dog Crate for a More Productive Gardening Experience

If you have an outdoor garden, and you have four-legged companions, normally, the gardening experience can be a fun yet stressful time. If you want to minimize the stress, while at the same time enjoying your great outdoor garden with your pets, you might want to consider buying an outdoor dog crate. A crate is a good way to keep your buddy safe at times when you are busy with your garden.

For effective and highly productive gardening, you need to minimize disturbances. Unfortunately, having your pet around may add to your work load. You either spend half of it chasing your dog around because its been digging stuff up, or your pet is simply getting in the way of you pruning, planting, sowing or otherwise working on your garden.

If you pick the right crate and you place it at the right place, both you and your four-legged companion can have a good time in your garden. He will enjoy being outside with you while you can focus your attention to your gardening chores. It can be a win win situation. Your pet still needs his or her share of sunlight and fresh air. Also, putting your pet out in the garden is a great way to minimize stress and otherwise vary and enrich your pets every day household activities.

Some Key Considerations for a Garden Area Dog Crate

There are many crates available in the market. Unfortunately, a lot of these are not necessarily optimal for garden use. You have to pick a crate that can be secured easily. Unlike a doggie playpen, a garden area dog crate must be escape proof. Your dog cannot just leap or stand on hind legs to get out of that enclosure. The crate also has to accommodate the size of your dog without cramping your dog.

It’s important to note that, if you’re going to put your dog in the crate, you should not leave him there for an extended period of time. The more you do this, the more your pet protests, and eventually, your dog would reach a point where he or she wouldn’t want to get into the crate. You don’t want to create that negative association. Again, you want to be able to garden and have a good time while your pet enjoys being in the crate. This means that you can’t leave the dog in the crate for hours on end.

Don’t take your pet for granted. Schedule your gardening time so that your pet remains comfortable in the crate and is released within a comfortable range of time.

Make Sure That the Outdoor Environment is Pleasant.

When putting your dog in a crate while you garden, make sure that it is cool and dry outside. Also make sure that your dog gets plenty of shade. If you cannot guarantee these conditions, then leave your pet indoors. Do these things and you’re sure to have a hassle free and productive gardening time with your canine buddy.

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