Laifug 45DHI Premium Memory Foam Orthopedic Extra Large Pet/Dog Bed | Durable Waterproof Liner | Removable Designer Washable Cover | Helps Ease Pain of Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia for Dogs Review

There are some unfortunate truths about owning a dog that are considered to be common knowledge. For one, coffee tables and other low surfaces are no longer safe places for food. For another, your doorbell is no longer a convenience and – for all intents and purposes – is now the enemy. Lastly, the days of sleeping in are over and you better be a morning person.

Laifug 45DHI Premium Orthopedic Extra Large Dog Bed ReviewThere’s not a whole lot you can do about the food or doorbell, but what at the very last you could reclaim the time you spend on Saturday and Sunday mornings sleeping in? What if you could enjoy bed just a little bit longer without Fido insisting you start your day at six in the morning?

Well, it’s possible. And the answer to your morning problem is making your dog every bit as comfortable as you are in the morning. The trick is getting your dog to want to sleep in, too. The solution is the Premium Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed.

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Laifug has introduced a new dog bed to the market that revolutionizes the way that both you and your dog sleep.


The sleek design of the Premium Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed is the first thing that catches the eye. It’s perfect for tight spaces, or to prevent an open space from feeling cluttered. Size aside, the design is equally unimposing and the bed would blend well with any room in your home

The cover is micro suede, which is synonymous with soft and that means your dog will snooze the morning away in comfort. Micro suede is not only soft, but it’s a preferred fabric because of how easy it is to spot clean or even machine wash whenever necessary.

Machine washing won’t often be necessary, however, because the cover is waterproofed. This is an essential quality of a dog bed, because it can handle urine, drool, or whatever else your dog might throw at it.

The bottom of the cover is as ingenious as the rest, and is fitted with a rubber backing. Dog owners will recognize the value of a rubber bottom, because anybody that has purchased a dog bed without a rubber bottom has experienced the frustration of watching their dog chase their bed around the room.

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The memory foam itself is equally as well designed as the cover, combining two separate layers of memory foam. The bottom 2 inches are more firm, and provides all the support your dog needs to keep the joints healthy. This makes the bed an ideal choice for dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia.

The top 2 inches of the foam mattress is softer. The softer foam and the micro suede cover make the bed feel like a dream, even by human standards. With a bed like that, you can count on your dog snoozing right through the morning. At least until breakfast time…



The Premium Foam Orthopedic Mattress provides all sorts of choice for you and your dog. Pick any one of the chic color designs that will work best in your home, and pick between two sizes that will fit any breed of dog.

Laifug 45DHI Premium Orthopedic Extra Large Dog Bed ReviewSupport and Comfort

Laifug has struck the perfect balance between comfort and practicality with their bed. Both you and your dog will be happy because you’ll know your dog has the support it needs, and your dog will have the comfort of your couch all to itself.

Quick Wash

Whether the cover needs a spot clean or a full blown wash, the micro suede is worry free and makes for easy maintenance. The waterproofed cover also provides maximum protection for the memory foam mattress.



The medium sized bed is only suitable for dogs up to 70 pounds. While this is a substantial weight limit, dog owners that have a large breed or are very generous with cookies might have to look into something bigger.


Laifug’s Premium Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed is top of the line. It provides all the support your dog will need to maintain good health and keep them running top speed it the park for years to come.

Best of all, the mattress provides great value and will give you the best modern dog bed design and won’t make you light in the wallet. Those looking the best value, and the convenience of getting the bed shipped right to their door should check out Amazon. Get the best price on!


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