Lucky Dog Windscreen Shade Cloth Review

A hot day in the sun is enough to take the wind out of anybody’s sails. Whether you’re gardening, out for a job, or simply enjoying the nice weather, the sun can be taxing and leave you pining for the indoors even on the brightest of days.

This is true for dogs every by as much as it is true for humans. It is likely more essential for dogs to stay cool because they lack the capacity to sweat in the way humans can, and this can prove not only uncomfortable but dangerous in adverse conditions.

The need for caution does not mean that you need to limit the time your dog can spend enjoying the great outdoors. Far from it, all it means is that you do a little of preparation to help your best friend stay comfortable.

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Lucky Dog Windscreen Shade Cloth ReviewThe key to doing just is the Lucky Dog Windscreen Shade Cloth. You’ve bought yourself an outdoor kennel, you have property that you and your dog can enjoy, and all you need is the finishing touch that provides comfort for your dog. This is precisely the function of the Windscreen Shade Cloth.


First and foremost, be sure the Windscreen is going to be the right fit for you (quite literally). The Shade Cloth is designed for kennels that measure either 10ft x 10ft, or 5ft x 15ft. These are the dimensions of most outdoor kennels, and the Lucky Dog Windscreen Shade Cloth can almost be considered a universal fit for outdoor kennels.

If the Shade Cloth is the right fit, the next question is exactly how it works.

The Shade Cloth does just as the name suggests and protects your dog from the punishment that the hot sun can dish out over the course of the day. The cover blocks out approximately 90% of direct sunlight, and that means more of the day for your dog to enjoy.

The cover does not only protect your pooch from sunlight, however. The cover also provides your pet protection from other adverse conditions such as wind and even light rain, so you and your dog enjoy your backyard more than you ever could in the past.

Make no mistake, the cover does protect against wind, but it still allows for the fresh air to get it in. It is far from a complete seal and your dog will be able to enjoy a cool breeze while still having protection from more intense gusts of wind.

The material itself is extremely high-quality. Something that protects against the elements obviously has to be made of strong stuff, and the shade cloth absolutely is. It’s guaranteed that they will not fade, crack, shrink, or allow for the growth of unsightly and potentially dangerous mold or mildew.

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The last thing to consider is how easy it is to add the cover to your existing kennel. The cover is designed to be hassle free during installation and it is designed well. The cloth comes fitted with elastic cords that can be anchored to the kennel frame or else chain link with no trouble at all. It’s a simple matter of draping the cloth over your kennel, and fastening it in place.



Lucky dog spared no expense when picking the material for their kennel cover. The cover will hold up to the abuse of the elements and will last through many seasons that you and your dog can enjoy together in comfort.

Easy Installation

The cover is intuitive to attach to your kennel and requires only a few minutes of work. Once in place it is also very secure and there is no risk that it will be removed unless you want it to be.


Cover does not only protect against the sun, but also against other elements such as strong winds or light rain.



The kennel fits almost all standard sized outdoor kennels, but those with unusually large, small, or else oddly shaped kennels might have to look elsewhere for their sun protection needs.

Wrap Up

People with an outdoor kennel for their dog and a desire to enjoy the great outdoors on sunny days and days that are a little less ideal alike should look into purchasing this cover. It words precisely as advertised, and will keep your dog protected from the elements.

For those looking to purchase the cover, check out Amazon for the best value available. Amazon provides the cover and all its many benefits for a very reasonable cost, and you will not be disappointed in the new found freedom that comes with having a cover for your dog’s outdoor kennel. You can find the best price on Amazon here!