Mack and Mercie Dog Toy Bundle Review

Mack and Mercie Dog Toy Bundle Review

Deciding what dog toy bundles are the best to get for your dog is always a hard decision. There are so many choices out there. How are you supposed to know which ones are the best for your dog? Will your dog like the dog toy bundle?

Well, with the Mack and Mercie Dog Toy Bundle, your going to be getting your dog the best dog toy bundle on the market.

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You cannot go wrong with purchasing this dog toy bundle!

This great dog toy bundle comes with 11 great items: Kyjen gator squeaky toy, 3 Zanies gecko plush bungees, 3 bouncy tennis balls, 4 ounce package of Mack & Mercie’s peanut butter and honey organic dog treats, and a great Whistle Training Guide!

The Kyjen Green Gator is a very, very popular toy amongst dogs. In fact, it’s one of the best sellers on Amazon for dog toys! That’s how much people love it! Your dog (and yourself) are going to be able to get endless amounts of playtime out of this toy. It’s equipped with 16 squeakers, so when your dog inevitably crushes one of them, he’s still going to have 15 left!

Grab your Mack & Mercie Dog Toy Bundle on Amazon now!

The Zanies Plush Geckos come in three different colors: blue, orange, and yellow). These are great plush toys for your dog, because unlike similar plush dog toys, they are difficult to destroy. Since they’re difficult to destroy, you’re able to play a great game of tug-o-war with your dog! There are also two squeakers in each of the geckos, which will provide even more entertainment for your dog.

Mack & Mercie complete this dog toy bundle with a package of their premium dog treats. We are HUGE fans of positive reinforcement and have found that Mack & Mercie premium dog treats are great for training your puppy! The flavors are peanut butter, molasses, and honey.

We’ve reviewed so many dog toy bundles that we were becoming less and less excited about every one that was getting released. However, because of the Mack & Mercie Dog Toy Bundle, we are once again excited.

I know our dogs are too!

Grab your Mack & Mercie Dog Toy Bundle on Amazon now!

Please note: You’ll find the bundle listed as “Dog Toy Bundle Kyjen Squeaker Matz, Three Zanies Plush Bungee Geckos, Three Tennis Balls, Organic Dog Treats and Training Whistle, Lanyard, Quick Tip Guide for Medium to Large Dogs”

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