How To Make Sure Your Pets’ Outside Dog House Is Easy To Clean

How To Make Sure Your Pets’ Outside Dog House Is Easy To Clean

Ease of cleaning is actually one of the top considerations in any kind of outside dog house selection process. I need to establish that clearly early on. A lot of pet owners think that an outside dog house simply needs to be cheap enough for them to buy that dog house. No, you can not think purely on your own terms. You have to remember that it’s your four-legged companion that would live in that dog house. It’s not going to be you.

Also, they’re going to be living outside. They’re going to have to face the elements. You won’t be able to keep an eye on them on a 24/7 basis. This is why it’s really important to make sure you look at your choice of outside dog house at least with some attention paid to your dogs’ needs.

The most important need, of course, is hygiene. It’s easy to think just because you pick a plastic outside dog house that it automatically is a hygienic choice. Not necessarily. There are many plastic dog house designs that can lead to less cleaning which increases the likelihood of your pet developing allergies or hygiene issues later on. You don’t want your pet to come down with a disease, or be vulnerable to it.

Unfortunately, if you turn a blind eye to ease of cleaning issues, hygiene problems can pop up later on. They do go hand in hand. Think of it this way, the harder it is for you to clean your outside dog house, the less likely you would clean it. The lower the frequency of cleaning, the higher the amount of debris that piles up. The more debris that piles up, the higher the chances your dog will develop allergies or come down with the disease. It really is that basic.

At the very least, unhygienic dog houses tend to attract pests and insects which can lead to flea infestations and a whole host of doggie health issues. Ease of cleaning matters. Keep that in mind. This is why I strongly recommend that you pick a modular unit. It’s not only light and easy to pull apart, it’s also very easy to clean.

A modular unit can also help your dog keep engaged for a much longer period of time because you can easily swap out different panels. You can enlarge its space. There’s just so many things you can do to it in addition to being easier to clean.

Be also mindful to the material the outside dog house is made of. Plastic is not created equal. There are many different grades of plastic. Different manufacturers using the same grade of plastic can come up with profoundly different product surfaces. Don’t assume that just because the housing unit is made of plastic that all plastic is the same. No, it isn’t. You’re only setting yourself up for potentially nasty health surprises down the road if you believe this.

You need to pay close attention to the unit’s material. See if it’s very easy to wipe down. Optimally, you should select a plastic surface that resists dust and debris pile up. Different brands have different pricing precisely because they use varying plastic materials.

It’s also important to note that covered dog houses require extra cleaning. Make sure that if you’re going to choose a covered dog house, the cover is easy to take off. This increases the likelihood that you would be able to reach hard to reach areas and do the necessary clean-up.

It’s also a great idea to pick an outside dog house that is made up of large plastic panels. The larger the panels, the better. Why? You’re dealing with less moving parts. This ensures that it takes less effort to pull apart the doggie housing unit and put it back together. It also takes a lot less effort to clean larger surfaces than many small ones that are often indented or have weird depressions. This requires more effort.


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