MidWest Extra Large Dog Breed (Great Dane) Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate Review

Extra big dogs often times take extra big care, and finding the right tools to keep your dog healthy, safe, and happy can just a little bit tougher than it is with small or medium sized breeds. Large dogs chew through toys faster, they eat more food, and generally require just a little bit more than other dogs.

It’s of course worth it all in the end, but it would be great for owners of large dog breeds to get a little bit more help. The good news is that now you can thanks to the MidWest Extra Large Dog Breed (Great Dane) Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate.

The Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate is one of the few crates out there that’s up for the task of keeping your dog secure and helping them feel safe when you’re away, or you dog needs to have a little bit of alone time.


First, let’s talk details. If you have a big dog you know the frustration that comes with buying an accessory and finding it isn’t the right size. This Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate measures 54L x 37W x 45H, so you can be sure it will accommodate your dog no matter what size they are.

Big is good, but it’s certainly not everything. A crate for big breeds needs to be every bit as tough as it is large. Luckily the frame of this crate is made of incredibly durable metal that’s sure to keep your dog secure.

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The two doors located on the front and side of the crate are each fitted with two heavy duty secure slide-bolt latches, so you can be sure a shut door is going to stay shut. That’s important for your dog’s safety and security.

The frame is constructed using a drop-pin construction system that is incredibly secure, and also simple, which you’ll be thankful for when you’re assembling the crate.

Big dogs make big messes and there’s not much to be done about changing that. What you can do is make sure that the accessories you buy for your dog are easy to clean. You can be sure that the Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate is just that.

The MidWest Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate comes equipped with a easy to clean and removable durable leak-proof pan. If your dog has an accident, or it’s time to clean after daily use, then simply remove the pan, give it a wipe down, and replace it once it’s clean. The design was made with you in mind just as much as it was with your dog in mind.

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It’s the finishing touches that separates a good crate from a great crate. The four  rubber “roller” feet on the bottom of the crate designed to protect hard floors is one of the many finishing touches that make the Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate a great crate.



A crate for big dogs has to be tough and the Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate is just that. The materials used are tough, and the design itself was made to insure that the crate was going to survive whatever your big best friend might throw its way.

Easy to Clean

The Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate comes with a removable pan on the bottom. That means you can clean it more easily than just about any other crate on the market. Remove the pan, give it a wipe with a cloth or even a spray with the hose, then replace it and you’re done.



By necessity, the Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate is big. It has to be to accommodate the biggest breeds of dog that are out there. That means, however, that it’s going to take up lots of space in your home.

The Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate can’t be helped, but if you’ve got a dog that doesn’t belong to the largest class of breed, then you might be better served finding a crate that is a little smaller and more appropriate for your dog’s size.

Final Thoughts

Having a big dog doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with a big problem on your hands in terms of keeping your dog safe and secure.

The Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate is designed top to bottom to be a home away from home for your large dog. Best of all, the Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate is also easy to clean so you’ll love the crate every bit as much as your dog does.

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