Milliard Outdoor Pet House, Easy Set Up: No Tools, for Dog or Cats; Perfect Bed Cave or Shelter, 22 x 18 x 17 in Review

Milliard Outdoor Pet House, Easy Set Up: No Tools, for Dog or Cats; Perfect Bed Cave or Shelter, 22 x 18 x 17 in ReviewYou’re looking for the perfect addition to your backyard for your dog. You want something that’s durable. You something that’s going to shelter your dog from the elements, and you want it all without having to spend your Saturday in the backyard cursing at an instruction manual, trying to figure out how to put the thing together.

They say you can’t have it all in life, but sometimes that just isn’t the case. Thanks to Milliard, you can now have the dog house you want without having to be an amateur carpenter, or else a world-class expert in translating gibberish instruction manuals.

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Milliard’s Outdoor Pet House is everything you’ve been waiting for and more. If you have a dog (or cat) that loves your backyard as much as you do, then it’s the only way to go.


The pet is crafted out of high quality nylon, and for good reason. At 600 denier, the synthetic nylon fabric is durable, and can stand up to the conditions it’ll experience day-in and day-out in your backyard. Not only is it durable, but the nylon is insulated and waterproofed. Now you can get the dog out of the house for a little bit rain or shine, and your best friend will enjoy the escape every bit as much as you do.

You can get all that out of a dog house, but the rule of thumb is that you always have to put more into something than you can take out. Not so with Milliard. They’ve crafted a brilliant design that makes putting the dog house together a breeze.

The house is fitted with Velcro and zippered joints, making for the least intensive construction you’ve experienced since you paid Ikea to assemble your coffee table. There are zero tools required, and zero screws or Allen keys to lose.

One of the greatest features of the Outdoor Pet House is the fact that it has two doors. Two doors makes for excellent mobility and comfort for your dog, as it provides a cross breeze on hot days. But, what about cool days? Rainy days?

Milliard has thought about your pooch’s comfort in all conditions. They’ve included two flaps that you can fit on the door for your dog. The flaps are removable, and can snap on in a heartbeat to protect your pet against cool weather or rain.


Best of all, the flaps are transparent, and that gives your dog the freedom to guard the backyard against squirrels from the comfort of home.

To give you an idea about size, the house is 22”x18”x17” making it the perfect choice for smaller dogs or cats.


Milliard Outdoor Pet House, Easy Set Up: No Tools, for Dog or Cats; Perfect Bed Cave or Shelter, 22 x 18 x 17 in ReviewConstruction

Putting the house together could not be any easier. Construct the walls, zipper om the roof, and lay the comfortable bed in for your dog. That’s it, it’s really that simple. Once the house is built, it stays nuilt as well. The design is as sturdy as it is easy to put together.


The house is beautifully insulated, and will keep your pet warm when necessary. It also has to doors with removable flaps, so it keeps cool on warmer days as needed. Milliard also included a soft cushioning for the bottom that will keep your pet comfortable for as long as they want to enjoy the yard.


Large Breeds

Big dogs are going to be uncomfortable in the house if they manage to somehow squeeze themselves inside. The house should be well equipped for all felines… except the jungle cats.


The house is lightweight, and that means it’s easy to move as needed. With that being said, it also makes it less than ideal in certain conditions. High winds are likely to send the house tumbling across the yard.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Milliard Pet House is an excellent product that you and your dog are going to love. It’s a great looking dog house that’s easy to put together, and will keep your dog happy and comfortable. Being able to enjoy your yard with your pet is half the fun of having a yard and a pet, after all.

For the best value check out Amazon. Pick yours up today because the value with the Outdoor Pet House is excellent, and you can expect to enjoy it with your pet for many days, months, and years with proper care.

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