MYPET PetYard Passage Review

MYPET PetYard Passage ReviewMYPET Petyard Passage is a great indoor pen for pets by North States. There are a number of gates out in the market, but North State’s product is unique in that it includes a built in door that lets your pet come and go as they please without the hassle of either taking the pen apart, or else lifting Fido in and out of the pen all day.

The built in gate alone makes the MYPET Petyard Passage a great product, but it’s got a few other great features that make it a necessity for any pet owner.

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The pen comes six panels in total, which should make it a great size for just about any breed of dog. One of these six panels includes the built in gate, which also comes equipped with a handy lock. If you need to go out, or else your dog needs a time out, the lock is solid and keeps your pet right in the pen where you left them.

The pen is sizable, which created an initial concern about space, but the panels have an interlocked system that lets you adjust the size and shape of the pen as you need. By combining four of the six included panels you make an excellent crate that’ll save you the expense of buying one separately.

It’s also worth noting that you can purchase additional panels separately. If you’d like to cordon off a larger play pen for your dog, or else you’ve got a couple pets you need to accommodate this is a great solution.

Perhaps the best thing about the MYPET Petyard Passage is that it’s versatile and you’ll keep discovering new uses for it long after you’ve bought it. It’s easy to fold, lightweight (about 20 pounds), and that means you can carry it out into the backyard with no trouble at all.

Despite MYPET Petyard Passage’s portability and lightweight, the pen is very sturdy. It’s made of durable plastic, and will be resistant to even the most chew happy of dogs. The interlocking gate system is also not only simple, but secure so there’s no risk in your pet getting out unless they’re using that built in gate.

Besides the pen itself, MYPET Petyard Passage also includes twelve pads that prevent your floor from getting scratched up, a strap that allows you to carry the pen on your shoulder, and an easy to read instruction manual that makes assembling it a snap.

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MYPET PetYard Passage ReviewIt’s easy to see that a lot of thought and care went into the design. It’s not only durable, but practical and incredibly easy to use. Changing the size of the pen, or converting it into a crate couldn’t be easier.


The product is well priced, but its versatility also spares you the added expense of buying a pen, multiple gates, and a crate all separately.


It’s no secret dogs can be masters of the art of destruction. The plastic gates are strong, however, and the joints used to connect the gates won’t be coming apart unless you’d like them to.


The pen is solid, but the excellent design also makes it lightweight, and easy to fold. North States also took the time to include a strap so you can take the pen on a walk to the park without any trouble.



Some cats and other pets might learn to climb the plastic gates. This is a problem that you would have with virtually any gate, however, and most pets would not pose a problem.


Some dogs might be able to move the pen. This would only be an issue with larger breeds, however, and a great way to prevent this would be by using the included pads that should prevent the pen from sliding across the floor.


MYPET Petyard Passage is a great pen for the price. The quality of the materials means that you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that the gates won’t be chewed up and need replacing every year.

The design is fantastic. The interlocking gates not only make it simple to put together and take apart, but also provide a brilliant alternative to purchasing multiple expensive items including gates for each door in your home, crates, and separate pens for indoor and outdoor use.

This is not only a great product, but a necessity for any pet owner looking to purchase a quality pen, crate or gate. Best of all, MYPET Petyard Passage provides all of these products in one, easy to use package. North States’s products can be found all over, but for best pricing I would recommend checking out Amazon.


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