Why You Need a Dog Seatbelt

If you like to take your pet with you on vacation or days out then you should purchase a dog seat belt or harness. This will help to prevent them from moving around the vehicle whilst it is in motion. Sadly there have been a number of fatalities on the roads due to animals incorrectly secured in vehicles; you can imagine the consequences if your puppy was to jump on your lap or get under your feet when you are driving at speed.

Typically, dog seat belts are not all that expensive. You can get hold of a selection for less than fifty bucks. This small outlay will help to guarantee a safer traveling experience. There is no need to risk your family’s safety over such a small investment.

Also, you need to think why it’s that we are encouraged to wear seat belts at all times; it is to prevent injury to ourselves should there be an accident. For the same reason it is also good to belt up your dog when in the car. You would not want them to go flying through the windshield should you ever need to break in an emergency; also if they are loose they may crash into other passengers causing harm. You can be sure that your cheap dog insurance policy will not cover the damages!

The type of harness used will depend on your vehicle and breed of dog. There are those belts available that can attach to a dog’s collar or you can have actually straps that hold the dog in place. You should understand that your pet will still need to be able to stand up and turn around, albeit on the spot.

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Another important aspect is that on a hot day you can leave your pet in the car with the windows open while you pop into the shops. There will be no risk of theft from the car and also they will not be able to jump out and harass any passers by.

According to veterinarian Dr. Pat Bradley of Dogs’ Heath, buckling up your dog is just as important as buckling up your children. So head her advice and protect your pooch!

DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian or doctor. Should you think that your pet needs medical attention, please contact your local veterinarian.  
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