There Are No Bad Dogs!

Simple Behavioral Techniques Will Enhance Your Relationship

I had the pleasure of running a doggie daycare for four years. I studied dogs behavior and learned to teach my clients how to handle unwanted behavior.

Possessive behavior.

When a dog is possessive with food or toys simple step in front of object and circle around so the dog cannot have access. When the dogs retreats; sits down or moves away ,you just became the dominate one. At this point, allow dog access. Do this a few times a week or once a day until aggression subsides.

Repetition is the key to success. Remember your pet requires teaching and direction, all pets want to do is please their owner. So help your pet achieve this by using simple behavioral techniques.

Repetition it works just be patient. Remember dogs like to play the dominate game and the owner has to be the winner. Do not yell or scream it will get you no where. When you yell at a child, what happens?

Most important do not use the dogs crate to punish if that where the pet sleeps. This will create a negative response and a very confused dog. Where your pet sleeps must be their safe place.

Separation Anxiety.

When you leave your pet becomes nervous and frustrated. Maybe lonely or scared. First try to leave the TV or soft music on. This should relieve some stress. When your about to leave, give your pet a treat. Your leaving on a positive note. During the week when you have time, leave the house first giving your dog a treat wait five minutes and come back in, do this a number of times. So lets summarize leave music or TV on, give treat on way out, and do the five minute out and come in routine. After, awhile their will be a big difference and most important leave a chew bone.

Now the most important, exercise your dog this will relieve stress, a 20 minute walk or the best choice is a doggie park. This is really fun remember canines need canines as people need people.

Please teach your dog word commands. Start with come, then sit, heal and stop. Teaching requires rewarding your pet with a treat for success. Enjoy your pet believe me your canine will be a lot happier with some direction to please you. Elissa Mosca

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