Want to take your dog to an off leash dog park? There are basic off leash dog park rules and regulations that you should follow!

Taking your dog to the dog park is a great way to let your dog spend some of its energy and to get it to socialize with other dogs. Studies have proven that exposing your dog at a young age to other dogs and people will greatly benefit the dog later on in life. While your pup is enjoying themselves, it’s important to remember that there are other people and dogs there. When you go to the dog park, you follow some basic off leash dog park rules and regulations!

Play it safe!

Dogs like to play rough. We all know that. What can look like rough-housing to us is merely a fun play time to them. Dogs typically know how far they can push the limit when playing with another dog.

However, sometimes they go a little too far and play time becomes fighting time. There are a few things that you can notice ahead of time, before it’s too late.

  1. If your dog is showing its teeth towards another dog. When a dog flares their teeth at another dog, that’s a sign of aggressive and bad things to come. Remove your dog from that situation.
  2. If your dog is generally shy or new to socialization, do not let them play with dogs that play very rough. Just like a toddler, it’s best to ease your dog into things. Your shy or inexperienced dog could easily become spooked and begin to defend itself.
  3. If your dog is really small and there are only very large dogs around. When our dog was a puppy and weighed 13 pounds, we would take him to our local dog friendly park and only see big German Shepherds there. They were playing rough so we decided it was best to not let our puppy play with them.
  4. Try not to feed your dog treats when there are other dogs nearby. Dogs tend to fight over food. If you’re training your dog, a dog friendly park can be a great place to do so because of all the distractions. However, if another dog gets a whiff of your treats, they’re going to want some themselves. This can lead to the dogs fighting.
  5. Do not bring any toys that are aggressive in nature. Bringing a rope to play tug of war isn’t the best idea. Bringing a ball to throw is fine.

Pick up after your dog!

This should go without saying, but please pick up after your dog. No person likes to step in dog poop. It’s not a pleasant experience.

Not only that, but dogs also like to eat poop. You don’t want your dog eating another dog’s poop, nor another dog eating your dog’s poop.

You also don’t want your dog rolling in poop, or vice versa.

Seriously, just pick up a bunch of poo bags and a poo bag holder from Amazon. It’s cheap and comes in handy whenever you’re out with your dog.

Keep your dog up to date on its shots!

If your dog is not up to date on their shots, do not bring them to a dog friendly park! Do not let them socialize with other dogs! They could be carrying bacteria, such as giardia, that can spread like wildfire, or fleas!

If your dog is not on Nexgard and Heartgard, or something comparable, please talk to your vet about their benefits ASAP!

Safety first, people! This should be a mandatory part of any off leash dog park rules and regulations!

Be able to control your dog!

If you have a hard time controlling your dog, it’s probably best not to bring them to an off leash dog park. Off leash dog park rules and regulations typically state that you need to be able to control your dog in the event that they play in an unwanted manner.

Commands such as ‘off’ and ‘come’ are essential. If your dog doesn’t listen when you speak, then you can’t control it. Simple as that.

Sometimes you’re not going to be able to physically intervene in a dog fight, or stop them from jumping on people, or humping another dog. Being able to use one of those commands to get them out of a sticky situation is very key.

When your dog is tired, it’s time to leave!

When dogs get tired, they can get aggressive. Dogs, like other animals, including humans, get cranky when they’re tired. When a dog is tired, they may become defensive when a hyper dog is trying to play with them. This can lead to dog fights and other unwanted behavior.

When you see your dog slowing down or spending an unusual time huddled around you, it’s probably best to leave the dog friendly park.


Dog friendly parks are great! I’d never be able to manage my dog’s energy without them. However, when you bring your dog to a dog friendly park, it’s best to follow these, and all, off leash dog park rules and regulations!

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Photo Source: Pexels.com