Outdoor Kennels Are A Must Have!

Every dog longs to get outside, no matter the breed or personality.  If you and your dog are fortunate enough to share a backyard, there is nothing better than having an outdoor kennel.  A well designed outdoor run will give your dog the exercise it needs to live a long healthy life.

Most dogs have their bed or crate as their safe place inside of your home.

The lucky dogs have a safe, secure outside place too.

Kennels and runs provides your pet with mental stimulation and physical invigoration.

Another less mentioned benefit is that you and your family can have a mess free backyard!  Your dog may be your best friend but a misstep into a pile of poop can endanger that relationship.  An outdoor kennel is so worth it.

Dogs thrive on companionship.

They are a type of animal that benefits from human interaction.  They are always looking towards their master for reward and praise.  An outdoor kennel is not meant to replace that relationship but expand it to new horizons.

  • A kennel or run needs to provide enough space for your pet to run and play. Most are at least 4 feet across and 12 feet long.  That allows your pet space to roam.  It also gives you enough room to keep the kennel clean.
  • The kennel needs to be large enough with separate areas for your pet. One area is for sleeping.  One spot for waste management.  One roomy space is for play.
  • The location of a backyard kennel is critical. Access to water, electricity and lighting will make the outdoor run more pleasurable for both you and your pet.  Design it easy to maintain.
  • It needs to be secure enough to stop threats from the outside. It must be strong enough to keep your dog inside.  Galvanized steel chain link fencing is the best.  It is impossible to chew through and offers years of durability.
  • The floor should be partially concrete and slightly graded to make it is easy to wash down. Grass and gravel is also suitable but makes clean-ups a bit of a chore.
  • The perfect backyard spot is close enough to be part of your family’s outdoor fun yet quiet enough to give your pet a place to chill with nature.
  • Dogs bark. You need the kennel close enough to your home to allow voice commands to be heard.  Incessant barking is a nuisance and a well-trained dog will usually quiet when asked in the right way.
  • There should be some location inside of the kennel that offers privacy for your pet and shade.
  • Having an indoor and outdoor dog bed will give your pet more of an “at home” feeling. Feed your dog out there occasionally as an “al fresco” treat.  Make their outside safe place a fun place to be.

While having a close, loving companionship is one huge benefit of owning a dog, over dependence can lead to separation anxiety in your pet. When you’re away, nervousness and tension can trigger misbehaviors and outbursts.  An outdoor kennel can be a safe, secure quiet place for your pet to be on their own.  Nature can be used to calm anxieties.

Outdoor dog kennels can be designed, customized, purchased and delivered right to your home.  These feature steel fencing and form small to moderate outdoor runs.  Some can be expanded to accommodate larger dogs or a few small ones.  Many have optional windbreaks and sunscreens.  Some include fencing across the top.

A large, heavy duty steel kennel costs around $300.  Smaller ones are in the $150 to $200 range.  These do not come with flooring so having concrete or gravel will add to the final cost.

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A tired dog is usually a well behaved one.  Outdoor kennels can enhance their lives and yours.

It’s critical to associate the outdoor kennel with good things.  Play with the dog in there.  Reward it for good behaviors.  Feed it.  Make the run a positive environment, never connected with negative situations.

An outdoor kennel is your pet’s location for quality alone time.  It should not become a “time out” space.  You do not want the dog to connect being alone with being an exile.  Their kennel cannot be a form of punishment.

Some experts suggest leashed time as a better form of corrective behavior.  They feel a few minutes chained with limited freedoms is a better way to reinforce good habits.

Robert Frost said “Good fences make good neighbors.”  This applies to the proper use of an outdoor run.  A good kennel makes your best friend better.

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