Paw Wax for Dogs – Prepare for the Harsh Winter

Are you fully prepared for the winter?

As we get closer to the holiday season, the tough realization that winter is upon us sets in. With winter comes freezing cold temperatures and lots of snow and ice. Your dog probably doesn’t mind the cold… and more than likely LOVES the snow! Before it gets too cold, consider picking up some paw wax for dogs. Here’s why:

One thing that you need to watch out for is your dog getting cracked paws.

Cracked paws are the result of brine, one of the components in rock salt, eating at the pad on your dog’s paw. It’s very painful for your dog and is something that can be very expensive to treat. Luckily, cracked paws is something that’s very easy to prevent! All you need to do is grab some paw wax for dogs and apply it to the bottom of your dog’s paws before you leave the house!

Application of paw wax is super simple!

To easily apply the wax to your dog’s paws, simple take the lid off of the wax container and gently press your dog’s paw into the wax. Repeat for the other 3 paws and you’re all set! Time to go outside! Now, some dogs don’t like having their paws touched or don’t like to see foreign objects going towards their paws. If this is the case with your pooch, bend your dog’s legs backwards and apply out of their line of site. Similar to how you would cut your dog’s nails. Remember to praise them with high quality treats the first few times you do this!

Clean the wax off when you come back inside!

After you’re done going for your walk, it’s time to remove the wax from your dog’s paws. This is a very simple process. Simply take a cloth with warm water and gently scrub your dog’s paws. The wax, and any other residue, should come right off. Once the wax is visibly removed, take a clean cloth with warm water and clean your dog’s paws again. This is a just-in-case step. It’s always a good idea to take an extra minute to ensure that your dog is happy and healthy. You do not want your dog to get cracked paws!

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So what’s the best paw wax for dogs?

There are several brands of dog paw wax on the market. However, no brand is better than Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Pad Protection Wax. Musher’s has been specializing in dog paw wax for over 25 years – so they really know what they’re doing! Their dog paw wax is 100% all natural, easy to apply and remove, doesn’t stain, is PET SAFE, and works incredibly well. We’ve never had a problem with our dog’s paws when we’ve used Musher’s dog paw wax.


Before the harsh winter conditions hit us, make sure to pick up some dog paw wax. Your dog will be very thankful that you did!

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