Some people love to sleep with their dogs. But sometimes, it can help for your dog to have its own sleep space. Pendleton dog beds are an excellent solution.

Not only can you have room to sleep, but your dog can get comfortable too. You can get the right size and material for your dog, so the bed can offer proper support.

Best Pendleton Dog Beds

Whether you just got a dog or have had dogs for years, your pet needs the best bed available. Consider a few Pendleton dog beds to help your dog get comfortable.


PENDLETON Pet Classics Kuddler (M, Grey Stewart Plaid)
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The Pendleton Kuddler is an excellent dog bed for dogs who need some support and cushion. It features an outer bolster that can keep your dog from falling off the side of the bed.

However, your dog can still get in and out on one side with a lower bolster.

That outer bolster is 100 percent polyester, and it looks like faux suede. The bed also has an inner bolster and a sleep top, which are 45 percent acrylic and 55 percent polyester.

It features an orthopedic foam base and uses recycled memory fiber polyester for the filling. You can remove the dog bed cover to clean it. And if you want to show off a different style, the cover is reversible.

The Kuddler comes in different sizes, so you can get it for a small or large dog. It also looks good in any home due to the black and red plaid design.


Pendleton Pet - Small Pet Bed - Acadia
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The Pendleton Acadia is a great option if you want a smaller or lighter dog bed. It weighs only four pounds but is sturdy and durable to support your pet.

This dog bed has a polyester and cotton cover that you can remove and put in the wash. The cover is primarily black but with a few colored stripes, such as red and yellow.

You can choose between different sizes based on how big your dog is. Then, they can get comfortable and fall asleep easily.

The bed won’t sink to the floor, but it can easily collect fur. However, you can get rid of the fur by washing the bed.

You can put the dog bed anywhere you like. Whether you have a growing puppy or an older dog, Acadia is an excellent option to consider.


The Pendleton Napper is another great dog bed. It comes in red and charcoal colors, and it has the same shape and design as the Crescent Lake and Harding beds.

You can choose between three sizes, so you can get a bed that can fit your dog. And if you get the wrong size, you can always exchange it.

Another benefit is that this bed doesn’t have sides that restrict your dog’s space. Your dog can spread out and get a nice nap or simply relax.

The bed is nice and sturdy and weighs about 11 pounds, and the padding is 4 inches thick.

You can put the dog bed anywhere you like. Then, your dog can enjoy the same comfort as with any other Pendleton bed.

Glacier National Park

You don’t have to be a traveler for your dog to enjoy the Glacier National Park dog bed from Pendleton. The bed comes in multiple sizes, so you can choose the right one for your pup.

It has a white background with black, yellow, green, and red stripes. The bed also features a thick black seam to help keep the structure.

You can use the zipper to remove the cover and wash it in your washing machine. The bed filling is 100 percent polyester memory fiber, and it comes from recycled materials.

This bed has a special design to keep the fiber from shifting. That way, you won’t have to worry about your dog sinking into the bed.

At eight pounds, this bed isn’t too heavy, but it can support your dog. The thick padding can be an excellent option for dogs with joint problems or none at all.

Ranier National Park

Another excellent dog bed for the travel-lover is the Ranier National Park dog bed. It features the same removable cover as the other Pendleton dog beds.

However, this cover is red with green, yellow, and black stripes. It doesn’t have anything on the sides, so your dog can spread out over the entire space.

But you can also choose between different sizes so that your dog can fit comfortably. The polyester cover is also machine washable, making it easy to clean.

It also has a polyester fill that can help support your dog so that they can relax and fall asleep. And you don’t have to worry about the bed sinking to the floor.

While it isn’t the cheapest dog bed, it’s not too expensive. It’s not too thick, so you can put it almost anywhere in your home.

Badlands National Park

The Badlands National Park is in South Dakota, but it can also be in your home with this dog bed. As with the other dog beds from Pendleton, this one comes in different sizes.

You can choose four sizes to get the right option to fit your dog. But you don’t have to worry about taller sides restricting how your dog can sleep.

This specific bed has multiple colors, including blue, brown, orange, and yellow. It uses the same polyester material as other dog beds, so you can put it in the wash.

A high-loft polyester fill can help support your dog as they sleep. The bed won’t sink to the floor, and it can be comfortable for dogs of all ages.

While the colors don’t always match your home, the bed can go well in a bedroom or another part of your house. Then, you and your dog can relax, and you can have a piece of the Badlands at home.

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park bed is another option if you like to show off your favorite travel spots. It has a dark blue background with red, orange, and yellow stripes.

This bed is thinner than the other Pendleton dog beds, at only two inches thick. However, it can still support your dog and give them a comfortable place to sleep.

It’s a great option if you don’t have a ton of vertical space for a dog bed. Your dog can still get some cushion without being up as high. That also makes it a great option for dogs who have trouble stepping up and down.

You can choose from sizes extra small to extra large. Then, your dog can have plenty of space to spread out. But you can keep from taking up more space than necessary.

The polar fleeces sleep top is a great material, and the reverse cotton canvas is excellent as well. You can also put the cover in the wash.

Rocky Mountain National Park

If you like the Grand Canyon bed’s silhouette but want different colors, consider the Rocky Mountain National Park dog bed.

The bed has the same measurements and design as the other model, so you can use it in the same places. It’s also thin enough for you to put in a crate or take on the go.

This bed is gray with white, blue, yellow, and brown stripes. It features the same polyester fill as other Pendleton beds, and it has a polar fleece sleep top to keep your dog warm and cozy.

While it doesn’t have anything on the sides to support your dog, your pet can spread out. That makes it a great option if you have a growing puppy.

Plus, you can take off the cover and put it in the wash. Then, you can keep it from getting too dirty.

Vintage Camp

The Vintage Camp dog bed is an excellent choice from Pendleton. It has the same design as the national park beds, so it’s flexible yet supportive and comfortable.

You can take the cushion off to wash it or reverse it. Reversing is a good choice if your dog makes a mess, but you can’t wash the bed quite yet.

Plus, you can put the bed in a crate or take it when you take your dogs on a trip. It won’t take up as much room as a thicker dog bed.

However, you can still choose between multiple different sizes. That way, you can make sure it fits your dog and space where you want to put the bed.

The polyester fill can support your dog, so it can be great for dogs of all ages.

How to Choose the Right Dog Bed

Whether you choose Pendleton dog beds or not, your dog deserves the best of the best. Before you decide which dog bed to get, you should consider a few factors to help with your decision.


One of the most important deciding factors in a dog bed is the size. Consider how big your dog is and how much space they tend to take up when they sleep.

If you have a puppy, you may also want to think about how big they’ll get as an adult. Since puppies can grow quickly, don’t be afraid to go up a size.

You may also want to consider how thick the bed will be. A thicker bed can be more supportive, but it can also take up more vertical space.


Next, think about how much support your dog may need. If they’re young and healthy, they may not need much cushion.

However, an older dog may have joint problems or other health concerns. In those cases, your dog may need a thicker dog bed. They may also benefit from a bed that has higher sides.


Another thing to consider is the dog bed materials. Think about if you have extreme temperatures and if your dog could benefit from a thicker cover, such as fleece.

You may also want to consider if you can remove the cover to wash it. That way, you can get the bed as clean as possible.

If you want to help the environment, you can also look for a bed that uses recycled materials. Pendleton dog beds all have recycled fiberfill, so that can be a great choice for any dog.


Along with materials, consider if you can throw the dog bed cover in the wash. If you have a busy schedule, machine washing the cover can save you a lot of time.

However, a bed that’s easy to clean is also important if you have plenty of time. Then, you can get the bed to look new even if your dog has an accident.


While not as important as the other factors, you may have a color preference. Fortunately, you can find dog beds in a variety of colors, so you can make sure to get a bed that matches your home.

Then, you can put the bed in your bedroom, the living room, or elsewhere in your house. You won’t have to worry about the bed standing out against everything.

Pendleton Dog Beds: The Perfect Fit

Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, you should get your pet the best dog bed possible. Pendleton dog beds come in different sizes and models, so you can choose a bet that suits your dog’s needs.

You can choose a simple cushion, like the National Park beds. Or you can go for something more supportive, such as the Kuddler.

Then, your dog can sleep well through the night and day.

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