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New! PetFusion SerenityLounge Dog Bed Review

PetFusion SerenityLounge Dog Bed. [Solid 4″ Memory Foam]. [Replacement Covers available] Review

New! PetFusion SerenityLounge Dog Bed ReviewThere are a few things in life that you should never, under any circumstances, try to save a buck on at the expense of quality: tattoos, parachutes, and haircuts being prime examples. There is one purchase that more than anything else (except the parachute) should be purchased with great care and consideration, however, and that’s your mattress.

Humans spend more time on their mattress than they will just about anywhere in their home, and as you might expect given that fact, your mattress determines a great deal about your overall health. While many know and understand how important a mattress is to health, few understand that the same concept applies to your dog.

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Your dog likely spends its days bounding around parks, digging in lawns, and all sorts of other activity. Stirring up trouble can be very hard on the back and joints, and that means peaceful, comfortable rest is just as essential to your dog as it is to you.

So, what’s the solution? Are you resigned to letting Fido sleep on the couch? If you can keep your dog off the furniture, more power to you, and no, you will not be forced to let your best friend sleep on your couch or in your bed.

Luckily, PetFusion SerenityLounge Dog Bed is a practical solution to the pain and stress that everyday life can inflict on your dog’s body.


Like any top of the line product, a lot goes into each SerenityLounge Dog Bed. The first thing you’re likely to notice, however, is the physical design. The bed has great stitching that looks great and it also durable, and the coloring makes the bed a great fit for any room, and there’s no danger that it’ll become an eye sore.

Look a little closer and you’ll see the good news doesn’t stop there. The outside cover is madr od a soft, and more importnantly durable suede microfiber. The suede microfiber is a life saver because it gives the dog the comfort it craves from your couch, without the risk of making a huge mess.

Worst case scenario, if your dog does make a mess the cover is water resistant, so you have more time to get the mistake under control before an accident becomes a disaster. The strong side zipper makes the cover a breeze to remove and just as straightforward to wash. It’s a simple matter of throwing the cover in the washing machine.

So, what’s under the cover? More of the same quality. For support PetFusion has crafted their bed with a solid piece of 4 inch thick memory foam. This memory foam is of the same type and quality of the mattress’ human counterparts, and it provides all the comfort and support that your dog will ever need.

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The last thing to consider is shipping, and PetFusion has taken the same care with packaging that they did with the bed. Right out of the box the Serenity Lounge Dog Bed is just about ready to go, and only requires that you place the memory foam in the cover and zip it up securely.

All this quality and care usually comes at a steep price, and even the most ardent of dog lovers is going to have trouble spending an arm and a leg on their pet. More good news: the SerenityLounge provides incredible value for the bed that you get. You and your dog can have the best, without having to break the bank.


New! PetFusion SerenityLounge Dog Bed ReviewValue

PetFusion has done something special here and they’ve put an extremely high quality product on the market for great value. If you’re looking to strike the perfect balance between cost and quality, look no further.


The bed is expertly crafted. It won’t rip apart, it won’t get ruined when the first accident comes its way, and it also won’t slide across your floor and house because of a well-placed rubber backing on the bottom. Top to bottom, a great product for you and your best friend.

Replacement Cover

The cover is easy to wash and waterproof, but dogs have a way of making the messes that we thought were impossible. If your cover gets ruined from some catastrophic event, or else just the passage of time there’s no reason to go out and purchase a new bed. PetFusion has made replacement covers readily available for you.



The bed is on the larger size, so it might work best for medium and large breeds. It would, however, make an ideal choice for anybody that has multiple dogs of a small breed as well.

Wrapping Up

In every way, the SerenityLounge Dog Bed is a winner. It provides support and comfort for your dog in the hours that it needs it most to live a happy and healthy long life. Best of all, PetFusion has made this quality available right at your fingertips and at great value to boot.

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