PetPawJoy Dog Cat Puppy Warm Bed Play House Review

PetPawJoy Dog Cat Puppy Warm Bed Play House Review

Have you got a dog that loves its cozy spots? Whether it’s squeezing in under your arm, or else camping out under the table, your pup will do whatever it takes to find the small, warmest place it can manage to fit itself.

If that sounds like you then you know that it’s cute, but can also be a pain when your dog ends up somewhere you’d rather not have to fetch them from. It’s no use trying to get them to stop, but there might be a better solution for you and your dog.

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PetPawjoy has released a Puppy Warm Bed Play House that is the ultimate solution for dogs that prefer tight spaces, warmth, and comfort.


The Warm Bed Play House can be broken down into three distinct parts, each of which makes it a great option for an indoor house for your dog.

First, the actual pet house itself. The house has a great triangular design that’s durable, but also cozy, which is perfect for dogs that like tight spaces. It’s made of polyester, which was a brilliant idea because it’s durable without sacrificing comfort like many other materials might have.

PetPawJoy Dog Cat Puppy Warm Bed Play House ReviewThe rest of the house is constructed using a mix of imitation linen and soft PV velveteen. If that sounds comfortable to you, you’re not wrong. If you could fit, you just might take a nap yourself.

The second part of the pet house is the included mat that fits snuggly in the bottom of the pet house. Before you get worried, yes the mat is removable and it’s very easy to clean. If it needs a wash simply remove it, and it is washer safe to make things simple.

Inside the sleeping house, the mat ties the small room together for your dog. Not only does it provide a wonderful soft place for them to take naps, or turn in for the night, but it’s also a great design.

The whole house, in fact, blends in with your house and will add something to your décor rather than distracting from it or creating an unnecessary nuisance.

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Last but not least, PetPawJoy even thought of entertainment. They’ve included a ball that hangs down in the middle of the comfortable home for your dog. It’s enough to keep them busy while they’re enjoying their very own personal space. It’s like a 50” flat screen for your dog.



It almost goes without saying, but this house is going to keep your dog comfortable warm even in the dead on winter. Everything from the outer layer, the mat on the floor, it all insulates wonderfully.


If your dog is going to be using it, it better be durable. It’s a lesson every dog owner has learned the hard way, and PetPawJoy knows it. They’ve made house not only durable, but incredible comfortable as well.

The polyester and imitation linen will last, so you don’t have to worry about buying your dog a replacement each and every year.


There’s no sense on buying an uncomfortable Warm Bed Play House, and there’s no risk of that here. From top to bottom, the bed is made of the softest and most supportive materials.



The house measures 13.8” x 11.8” x 5.9” (L x W x H), which is not huge. This house it truly made for smaller dogs only. A breed on the smaller side of medium might be able to fit comfortable, but be sure to get a good idea of the size of your dog in relation to the house before you buy.

The bed might not be well suited for larger dogs, but the good news that it works perfectly for cats as well as dogs. If you’re looking for a cat, or else you have a cat and a dog that don’t mind sharing, this is the play house for you.

Final Thoughts

This is an excellent product that is perfect for owners of small dogs or cats. It’s got everything your pet could ever want, including comfortable materials and even a ball to keep them busy and happy.

It’s got everything a pet owner could want, too. It’s easy to clean and will look great in your living room, or wherever else you might want to keep it.

Pick yours up today! There’s no reason not to, because PetPawJoy offers a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee with free return. The house even comes with a 12 month limited warranty, so check out Amazon to find yours today.


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