PetPawJoy Dog Octagon Playpen Review

PetPawJoy 35″ 45″ Dog Octagon Playpen Dog Popup Tent Playpen with Detachable Mesh Cover Exercise Pen Kennel with 600d Oxford Cloth Tool-Free Setup Carry Bag Removable Security Mesh Cover Shade 2 Storage Pocket Review

Every dog has a little bit of couch potato in them. They all love a good nap on the couch, and who can blame them at the end of the day?

With that being said, every dog would choose to go out with their owner than stay home napping. Especially if you’re an active dog owner that loves to go out into nature to enjoy a walk, camping, or picnic, it can be tough always bringing your dog along.

PetPawJoy Dog Octagon Playpen ReviewMany people want the freedom of not holding a leash, and being able to relax without having to keep an eye on your dog at all times.

PetPawJoy has created the perfect solution to all the problems faced by active dog owners that are tired of leaving their dog behind when they go out into the world who enjoy the great outdoors.

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The Dog Octagon Playpen gives you freedom of mind to bring your dog everywhere you go in nature, and to do it in a safe and fun way for both you and your dog.


The package itself comes with everything you will need for you and your dog. Included is the playpen itself, the mesh cover, the attachable bottom, four metal hooks to secure the tent, a carrying case, and the assembly manual.

First, the assembly manual. It’s great that PetPayJoy included the manual, but they have made setup so easy that you won’t have to pour over the manual for ages trying to figure out how to construct the playpen.

It’s a collapsible design that will come together in a snap. The best part is that you can collapse the playpen down in a heartbeat, return it to the included carrying case, and you’re mobile ready to go anywhere with your dog that you need to.

When a playpen is portable and light, it can raise questions about its durability. The playpen is going to be used outdoors, and of course needs to be able to survive adverse conditions.

The Oxford Canvas material the playpen was made with is extremely durable, and resistant to tears and waterproofed so rain and other wet conditions are not going to damage the playpen. The playpen is also made with nylon mesh, and that allows the playpen to breathe, so your dog can stay cool even on hot days.

They’ve also included 4 anchors in the package, so your playpen will stay right where you put it, even on windy days.

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The bottom of the canvas tent is removable, which was an excellent consideration when designing the playpen because it makes cleaning a breeze. Simply remove the bottom as needed and take advantage of the fact it’s waterproofed by spraying ow wiping the canvas down as needed.

Major conveniences aside, the Dog Octagon Playpen also includes minor touches that help set it above the rest. There’s an attached band for water bottles, and two side pockets for storage that nature lovers will know comes in handy.



The Playpen is incredibly portable and that’s great news for people that spend a lot of time outdoors. That being said, the fact that a playpen is portable means that it can just easily be used indoors as outdoors, and is a great way to save on space.

PetPawJoy Dog Octagon Playpen ReviewEasy to Clean

The Popup Tent Playpen is incredibly easy to maintain. The canvas can survive accidents or whatever else your dog might throw at it. The removable bottom also means that you can clean without fuss.



The Mesh Cover Exercise Kennel is available in two different sizes: the 35” and 45”. Between the two sizes they cover a good amount of breeds and sizes, but owners of very large breeds will find that the mesh playpen probably is not enough to keep your dog secured safely.


The “Coffee” color is great, but if it’s not your taste the playpen is only available in one color, unfortunately.

Final Thoughts

The Dog Octagon Playpen is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s portable, durable, and will give you and your dog the freedom to enjoy the outdoors together as you’ve always wanted to.

If you’re looking to pick yours up today you can check out Amazon. The Popup Tent has great value, and there’s no reason not to get yours today because PetPayJoy offers a 30 day return policy, as well as a 12 month limited warranty. Here’s the link to buy it on!


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