Kennel Deck – 3 Pack Review

PlumStruck Kennel Deck - 3 Pack ReviewEverybody wants their dog to enjoy the outdoors as they were meant to, but sometimes adverse conditions can make this easier said than done. Dogs are often times on their own to face things like bad weather  that make owning a kennel a necessity for many dog owners, but the kennel themselves can often pose their own problems.

For example, kennels can often have less than ideal placement and sometimes have to rest on less than ideal ground conditions, such as dirt or even concrete. Concrete poses a problem for the health of the dog as it can put unnecessary train on the joints, shoulders, and back of your dog. Dirt, too, can pose a problem for your dog’s hygiene if they can’t move for extended periods.

Moving the kennel, or else picking ideal placement is simply not a practical solution, and for many neither is abandoning the kennel and forcing your dog indoors. Everybody is familiar with the problems posed to dog owners, however, but many are less familiar with the solutions.

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Solutions are exactly what PlumStruck has made with their Kennel Deck 3 Pack raised platform for kennels. Hard ground and unsanitary conditions are no longer a constant danger with kennels and exercising proper care has never been easier.


It goes without saying but a kennel or anything that’s going to be in a kennel has to be able to survive all sorts of weather and wear and tear. This is especially true of any surface that your dog is going to be spending considerable time on, and it’s more important than ever that it be resistant to potential damage that can happen over time.

PlumStruck’s kennel deck is made of polypropylene, which is a tough weather resistant material that’s up to the task of surviving season after season in your backyard. It’s also a non-skid surface, which is essential to your dog’s safety because a surface that is slippery when wet for example, can pose discomfort over even potential injury.

The polypropylene is also more comfortable than concrete or other materials often found in kennels, and that will be important for your dog’s joint health and dexterity as he or she ages.

The real benefit of having the kennel deck in your kennel is that it is a raised platform. This is an important feature of any kennel for a variety of reasons. First, the raised platform allows for air circulation and prevent stagnation that would otherwise her in a kennel and could potentially cause discomfort for your dog or unsanitary conditions.

Second, it will keep your pet raised off the ground, dry, and warmer than they would otherwise be laying directly on the ground. After all, anybody that’s been stuck outside in the rain knows how important it is to stay high and dry.

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The last thing, and probably the most important feature of the kennel Derek is the fact that it is waterproof, making the platform not only easy to clean, but also resistant to urine and other products of your dog that can quickly make a confined space like a kennel inhospitable.



PlumStruck Kennel Deck - 3 Pack ReviewHygiene and cleanliness can be a struggle for pet owners that need a space to safely contain their pet. There is no simpler or more effective solution to the problems posed by confined spaces for pets.

The kennel deck is sure to keep your dog happy, healthy, and clean.

Easy to Clean

The kennel is made of a waterproof material that makes cleaning a snap. A quick always down will have the kennel looking brand-new and keep it in great shape for your best friend.


The kennel deck is an extremely comfortable platform for your dog. Not only is the platform considerably more comfortable than concrete, but it is also raised which will keep your pet warm and dry, a task that can be difficult for pet owners when keeping their dog outside.



Each kennel is of a different size so you should be sure that the kennel tech is the right size for you. Even if it doesn’t fit your space right out of the box, however, don’t fear: the deck can be cut quite easily to fit any kennel space.


The Kennel Deck by PlumStruck is A great solution for pet owners looking to keep their pets comfortable and healthy in their kennel space. The raised platform is ideal for keeping their dog warm, comfortable, and preventing accumulation of mold or mildew I can pose all sorts of health risks.

For those looking to purchase their very own kennel deck check out Amazon for the vendor that is going to give you the best value. Best of all, Amazon will send the kennel deck right to your front door ready to spruce up the kennel in your backyard right out of the box. Here’s the link to it on Amazon!