We all know how difficult it can be to train our dogs. You try and try, but they always seem to ignore you somehow even when you shout at them at the top of your lungs. Then you get nothing out of shouting at them other than a sore throat. Rest assured training your dog doesn’t have to be hard, but it is not necessarily easy either. Some dog trainers that have told you that yelling at your dog have simply failed at helping you. This isn’t because the training is bad, but because you have to be able to communicate with your dog what you want him to do before he will understand why you’re upset.


Now the best way to manage to train your dog is with a trainer. The trainer does not even have to be present that is why so many online courses work out well for your dog and you. However, some dogs may be more stubborn than others and need the one on one attention of a trainer. If you think that training your dog will be that hard then you might need the one on one training and contact a local trainer or find an online program that will allow you to contact the trainer directly.


Some of the reasons you might be wanting to have your dog trained can be potty training all the way to biting. Now, I know a lot about potty training a puppy I have had three puppies in the last year all of whom had to be potty trained! Let me tell you that was not an easy task at all. One of the key things to remember though is that your dog will still not understand what you want him to do so you have to learn how to communicate to your dog to successfully start training your dog.


Communication is the key part here and establishing parameters that you set showing your dog that your boss and not him or her. So the first thing that I did when I started potty training my puppy was to take him outside all the time. This did not really work out that well because he would stare at me and I would stare at him and say go potty. So as cruel as it may sound I had to crate train my dogs before I finally got them potty trained. Crate training them saved me a lot of time cleaning and saved me a lot of hassle of cleaning up.


The main reason that my vet told me to crate train is because my dogs were very stubborn and did not like going potty outside at all. However, I learned that dogs do not like soiling the area where they are going to sleep either. So if you take that into consideration and think about it like a person would you probably would not like soiling your bed either. While potty training though even when your dog does have an accident you do not need to overly yell at them or rub their nose in it. They understand after the first couple of times that they are not supposed to do that. When my dogs would have an accident I would actually put them in the crate so they learned.


One thing you also have to consider though is dogs are creatures of habit as well. That means that once you get them on a routine they are going to want to stay on that routine no matter what. Unfortunately while potty training your puppy that could mean even during the middle of a down pour they are going to want to go potty. You will have to suck it up and take your rain coat and hope your dog isn’t big enough to drag you in the puddles. If your dog is that large then you might want to strongly consider obedience training as well.


When your dog does do his or her business outside you need to praise them. I would tell them good poop, or good pee depending on which one they did. This works out well and if you give your dog a big pat on the chest it will make them know that they did something good and make them feel proud. So potty training your dog is not a daunting task, neither is obedience training your dog. You just have to make sure you do it at the proper time. I would always work on potty training first to help avoid messes in the house before I started any other type of training though!