Aleko Heavy Duty Dog Kennel Review

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Review of the Aleko Heavy Duty Dog KennelAleko Heavy Duty Dog Kennel Review - Best Outdoor Dog Kennel - 1

In this review, we’ll be exploring the key features of the Aleko Heavy Duty Dog Kennel.

Measuring in at 4′ high, with a diameter of 5′ by 5′, the Aleko Heavy Duty Dog Kennel comes complete with a premium 20 gauge steel frame. Eight quality steel wire panels are supplied, including a secure door panel to prevent your pet from escaping. Boasting a galvanized steel construction, you can expect rust-resistant durability. With a two year warranty included, this product really does promise value for your money.

Ideal for small, medium and some larger breeds, the Aleko Dog Kennel provides ample play space for your pet – in fact, it’s totally versatile. Easy to customize, extra panels can be connected to increase its size, making it perfect for multiple pets and large breeds. This flexible design allows you to adapt the dimensions to accommodate your ideal space, be it indoors or outdoors.

At first glance, this multipurpose kennel seems to combine portability with peace of mind. But is this the prime pen for your pet? Let us do the legwork.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Pros”][vc_column_text]

Easy Assembly

Weighing in at a portable 78 lbs, the Aleko Dog Kennel requires minimal assembly. Easy to follow instructions are included, allowing a speedy setup. This makes an ideal pen for pet owners everywhere – no matter where you take your dog, bring the Aleko Dog Kennel. You’ll find the simple construction perfect for transportation.

High Quality

The heavy duty Aleko Dog Kennel comprises quality materials with a durable structure. Strong and sturdy, it’ll keep the most determined dog inside. The Aleko Dog Kennel also comes with one secure, easy to open door panel. In addition to it’s 4′ of height, you’ll find this should provide optimum protection for your pet, keeping him securely contained.

Great functionalityAleko Heavy Duty Dog Kennel Review - Best Outdoor Dog Kennel - 2

We love the flexibility the Aleko Dog Kennel offers. The standard size provides 4′ of height, with 5′ of both length and width. However, unlike many of its competitors, its universal panel structure provides a multitude of options. Choose to purchase multiple pens, and you can simply connect as many extra panels as you require to adapt to your chosen space. This provides all sizes of dogs with a comfortable, spacious environment to play in. It’ll even provide an abundant area in which to place beds, toys and bowls for your pet.

Built to last

No more worrying about the weather – the Aleko Dog Kennel is a premium pen that provides rust protection. Constructed with quality galvanized steel, the Aleko Dog Kennel is built to last, and totally rust-resistant. A rusty kennel could put your dog’s health at risk, so this point is a definite plus, and gives the Aleko Dog Kennel a competitive edge.

The kennel is also slightly elevated by small legs at the base of each panel. These legs allow a refreshingly simple cleaning experience, providing easy access to all areas in order to ensure a hygienic space for your pet.

Great aesthetics

Quality aside, the overall appearance of this pen is pleasing. The durable steel is black powder coated for a modern finish. We liked the simple square construction, although of course the shape can be adapted to meet your needs.


Other pets too? The all purpose Aleko Dog Kennel would also make an ideal playpen for chickens, rabbits and many other animals. In fact, we’ve seen it used for tortoises too!

Great value!

Compared to other similar models on the market, this is a reasonably priced option for many pet owners. We were particularly impressed with it’s warranty. The Aleko Dog Kennel comes complete with a 2-year warranty, making it a fantastic investment – peace of mind assured.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Cons”][vc_column_text]

No weather protection

Unlike some of its competitors, the Aleko Dog Kennel does not come with any weather protection for your dog. While some products may provide a waterproof cover or roof, the Aleko Dog Kennel is open to the elements. However, with a little DIY skill, this downside is easily resolved – a spare tarpaulin or simply some planks could be added to the structure, allowing all-weather use.

Not the tallest

This lack of a roof could also make it slightly less suitable for especially active or strong pets. It does provide a generous 4′ of height, however some dog owners have noted that this may not meet the requirements of a particularly large or strong dog.

Flat ground only

You will require a flat area in which to place the Aleko Dog Kennel. Uneven terrain could cause problems with structural stability, so if your yard isn’t relatively flat, this may not be the right choice for you.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Conclusion”][vc_column_text]The Aleko Dog Kennel showcases some outstanding features. Combining premium build quality with adaptability, this is a portable pen ideal for all dog owners.

Easy to transport and simple to build, the Aleko Dog Kennel offers no fuss assembly. Built with high quality galvanized steel, this rust-resistant enclosure is designed to last the distance. The solid, sturdy structure and single door provides all pets with a secure area of their very own.

Boasting impressive flexibility, you can adapt the Aleko Dog Kennel to meet the needs of you and your pet, allowing all dog owners to benefit from its innovative design. Small, medium and large breeds can be accommodated in comfort and style. Perfect as either an exercise enclosure, or simply a secure spot to place your pet, you can use your Aleko Dog Kennel both indoors and outdoors.

At a reasonable price point, the Aleko Dog Kennel also comes with a 2 -year warranty, which combined with its superior weather protection, makes it a relatively risk-free purchase for your pooch. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, versatile kennel the Aleko Dog Kennel won’t disappoint.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

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