Lucky Dog Galvanized Chain Link Kennel Review

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Review of the Lucky Dog Galvanized Chain Link Kennel with PC FrameLucky Dog Galvanized Chain Link Kennel - best outoor dog kennel - 1

In this review, we’ll be exploring the benefits of the Lucky Dog Galvanized Chain Link Kennel. Taking an in-depth look at its durability, security and design features, we’ll help you decide if this kennel is the optimal option for your pet.

Tipping the scales at a transportable 57 lbs, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kenn
el offers a portable, lightweight enclosure ideal for small, medium and some larger dogs. Measuring 5’x5′, with a reasonable 4′ of height, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel boasts a quality construction. The solid frame is designed with 100% commercial grade steel, providing superior pet protection. What’s more, the premium galvanized steel design is the ultimate rust deterrent, making it suitable for all-weather use.

In the box, you’ll find the modular, quick-connect frame, and a single roll of chain-link wire mesh. This 12 gauge chain-link fabric is also galvanized, ensuring a sturdy finish. Steel wire tires are included to maximize structural security, and the steel door houses a lockable latch to protect your pet. You’ll also notice an innovative door hinge designed to stay put despite frequent use.

At first glance, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Chain Link Kennel seems carefully crafted to safely accommodate your companion. Read on to discover our pros and cons.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Pros”][vc_column_text]

Premium Quality

The Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel boasts a premium quality build. The impressive 100% commercial grade steel frame is clearly built to last. The 12 gauge chain-link fabric is also galvanized, making this kennel an attractive and long-lasting choice. The smooth steel design ensures there are no sharp edges that could harm your pet, and with a galvanized finish, you needn’t worry about rust.

Easy assembly

This high quality kennel also offers easy assembly. With its quick-connect 100% steel frame, it provides only one roll of chain-link fabric for a speedy set-up – just ensure you roll it out carefully to avoid tangles. Once constructed, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel is a simple, square design. Perfect for space savers, this compact kennel can even fit into smaller properties and yards.

Great size

At 5’x5′ around, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel provides a height of 4′. Perfect for lawns and patios, the compact size allows this multipurpose pen to suit some indoor environments too. With plenty of play space ideal for small to medium pets, you’ll find the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel is perfectly portable. Weighing in at only 57 lbs, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel should be light and manageable enough even for one person. This kennel is ideal as a simple travel solution. No matter where you and your pet go, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel can be simply stored and reassembled.


Complete with quality steel wire ties, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel also offers an abundance of security features. Featuring a lockable steel latch in addition to its strong overall structure, this pen is built to ensure your dog stays comfortably contained. Standing slightly off the ground, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel delivers convenience as well as quality. With 1″ extendable legs, you’ll find cleaning your kennel a breeze. Providing easy access to all areas, eliminating dirt beneath the structure is a no fuss feat.

Great add-ons available

This adaptable kennel comes with a range of additional add-ons. A Lucky Dog Anchor Kit, for example, is available for purchase should you wish to offer further protection for your pet. We love a customizable kennel, so this gives the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel a definite plus point.

Excellent value

For such premium materials, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel truly combines quality with affordability. The commercial grade steel material ensures this product should last your pet many years – offering you fantastic value for your money.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Cons”][vc_column_text]

Assembly is required

Some pet owners claim the wire chain-link construction is a little tricky to assemble. It’s easy to get in a tangle with chain-link fabric, so if you prefer the simplicity of panels, this may be one to avoid. However, with the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel, you’ll only have an all-in-one roll of mesh to attach to the durable frame. You’ll need to carefully roll it out when you unbox it, ensuring there are no tangles, and you should be good to go!

Better for smaller breeds

Although offering ample space for small to medium dogs, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel may not suit pet owners with particularly large or boisterous breeds. Providing 5’x5′ proportions, this is a more compact and travel-friendly pen than most, but it may not provide enough room for bigger pets.

The chain link fabric is both sturdy and galvanized, however some pet owners have complained that heavy pets may be able to deform or bend the structure by applying consistent pressure.

Open ceiling

The Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel doesn’t offer a roof or sun shade as standard, which may leave your pet exposed to the elements outdoors. With a height of 4′, some active or jumpy dogs may also be able to escape. There are plenty of compatible extras with the Lucky Dog brand, so although you can find a solution (or do-it-yourself), this means an additional outlay.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Conclusion”][vc_column_text]This lightweight kennel is the perfect choice for those seeking a secure, yet travel-friendly pet playpen. Affordable, yet robust, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel allows your dog a secure space of his very own.

Set up is simple, and with a square, eye-pleasing design, the Lucky Dog Galvanized Kennel comes in at a compact 5’x5′. You can place your kennel neatly indoors, or keep it outdoors. With its quality galvanized steel construction, this all-weather pen even deters rust.

With a long-lasting hinge design, 12 gauge mesh and steel wire ties, this kennel combines premium security features with portability. Offering a lockable steel door, you can keep your pet secure and comfortable at all times.

In addition to this, you can find all sorts of options to customize your kennel, making it an ideal purchase for most pet owners. We think you’ll get your money’s worth – expect this kennel to last the distance.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

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