PetSafe Box Kennel for Pets Review

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Review of the PetSafe Box Kennel for PetsPetSafe Box Kennel for Pets - Best outdoor dog kennel - 1

In this review, we’ll assess the attributes of the PetSafe Box Kennel for Pets. From durability to security, let’s take a look at its key features.

The PetSafe Box Kennel promises a generously sized chain-link pen in a box. No collection required, this full-size, DIY dog kennel is delivered conveniently to your door. Designed primarily for outdoor use, the PetSafe Box Kennel provides spacious proportions. Measuring an ample 10×10 square feet, it’s the perfect playpen for small, large or multiple pets. What’s more, the PetSafe Kennel stands at a sizeable 6′ high, which should safely confine even an active or strong dog.

Constructed with quality galvanized steel, the PetSafe Box Kennel also offers superior weather protection. Rust is unsightly and can cause harm to your pet – with the PetSafe Box Kennel, you can expect true rust resistance.

The PetSafe Box Kennel arrives complete with pre-assembled gate, secure speed-lock mechanism, and two rolls of chain-link fabric. It promises a relatively speedy build – with the use of a few simple hand tools, it should take most pet owners around an hour to construct.

Read on to discover the many benefits of this DIY dog kennel.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Pros”][vc_column_text]

Amazing size!

At first glance, the sheer size of the PetSafe Box Kennel is impressive. Offering a vast 10’x10′ diameter, with a generous 6′ height, this versatile pen is ideal for all breeds. Such a spacious kennel provides plenty of room to roam, allowing pets to stretch their legs outdoors in safety. Pet owners with large, active dogs can certainly benefit from its fantastic dimensions. This outdoor dog kennel is especially great for dog breeds such as great danes, german shepherds, and mastiffs! You’ll have space to supply your pets favorite toys, blankets or bowls to maximize his comfort.

Easy Assembly

The PetSafe Box Kennel requires only some basic DIY skill for assembly. This transportable kennel is both simple and speedy to construct with some basic hand tools. Simply connect the chain-link fabric to the galvanized steel frame. A pre-assembled gate is also included for an easy set-up. We’d recommend two people for the job to ensure a quick construction.

Premium locking system

Featuring a secure speed-lock, the PetSafe Box Kennel will keep your pet safely confined. In fact, the robust mechanism of the kennel gate boasts an innovative lift-and-twist design. There’s even room to add a padlock to further secure those especially escape prone pets.

Great aestheticsPetSafe Box Kennel for Pets - Best outdoor dog kennel - 2

The PetSafe Box Kennel looks stylish, solid and shiny. With a pleasant exterior, this pen won’t look out of place in any yard.

Plentiful add-ons available

We love the variety of optional accessories available to purchase with your PetSafe Box Kennel. The range includes a kennel anchor kit and a sun-shade cover, designed to fit the PetSafe pen perfectly. These handy add-ons offer convenience for all climates. You can securely anchor your kennel to protect against strong winds, or provide your dog with a sun-shelter to ensure his comfort during the summer months. With so many customization options, the PetSafe Box Kennel is a flexible choice for all pet owners.

Suitable for indoor use

Primarily designed for outdoor use, the PetSafe Box Kennel could also be erected indoors if you can provide sufficient space However, rest assured, this quality kennel offers premium weather protection. Designed with galvanized, rust-resistant steel, you can expect a durable and long-lasting product for your pet.

Excellent value

Compared to similar sized kennels, the PetSafe Box Kennel comes in at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a vast and versatile kennel on a budget, this is certainly it. A professionally built kennel of this proportion could cost considerably more, so this DIY solution really does give you value for money.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Cons”][vc_column_text]Truth be told, we really had a hard time finding anything wrong with this outdoor dog kennel. Take all of these cons with a grain of salt. The PetSafe Box Kennel for Pets really is a premium outdoor dog kennel.


Shipping at a weight of 136 lbs, this large kennel isn’t the most lightweight of options. A smaller pet owner could struggle to transport it, so allow two or more persons to ensure your safety. This weight is also a plus, since this kennel will be able to withstand heavy winds!

Takes up to 20 minutes to set up

The PetSafe Box Kennel does require some basic tools to assemble. You really shouldn’t need to possess much DIY knowledge, as the chain-link fabric simply connects to the frame. However, some pet owners have noted they found it slightly more complicated to construct than some other available options. Set up time seems to be very varied, with some pet owners spending only 20 minutes on construction, and others requiring up to two hours. In addition to this, if you’re looking for a particularly travel-friendly choice, the PetSafe Box Kennel is designed more for security than portability – frequent assembly and disassembly could be time-consuming

Not great for hard chewers

If your pet is particularly strong, or an active chewer, the wire mesh design may not be sturdy enough to prevent him from breaking it. Some reviews suggest the chain-link construction is a little flimsy for especially large, determined dogs. However, the galvanized steel should provide enough strength and durability for the majority of pets.

Does your dog jump high?

Although compatible kennel covers and sun-shades are available for purchase, these do not come as standard with the PetSafe Box Kennel. This means it does not come with a roof or cover, which may be off-putting to owners of large pets, or those on a strict budget. However, it does measure a generous 6′ in height, so most dogs should be unable to escape.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Conclusion”][vc_column_text]The PetSafe Box Kennel is an extremely large, versatile pen perfect for outdoor use. Measuring an unrivalled 10’x10′, it’s ideal for a variety of different animals. Requiring only a little DIY skill, you can construct this spacious, rust-resistant kennel-in-a-box at an affordable price. Designed with quality rust-resistant steel, the PetSafe Kennel should provide years of protection for your pet – and you’ll be getting value for money, too!

Coming complete with secure gate panel and speed-lock, there’s even space to add your own padlock for extra peace of mind. This makes the PetSafe Box Kennel ideal for housing small, medium and large pets alike.

What’s more, with a range of compatible accessories, you can really customize this fantastic kennel to suit your needs. Offering security, comfort and abundant play space for your pet has never been simpler with the PetSafe Box Kennel.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

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