Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Review

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Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen ReviewPetsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen 3

The Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen appears to be an excellent buy – a relatively affordable playpen, which is light-weight and portable, too. It has eight sides, with mesh panels that offer great ventilation, a removable top also made of mesh, and a removable, waterproof bottom. The playpen comes pre-assembled, and therefore doesn’t require tools to set it up. It can be folded up with ease, too, making it immensely useful due to its portability.

The Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on your needs, and is available in three different sizes – 29”x17”, 36”x21” and 46”x28”, so you may choose the most appropriate size for your pet, whether it be a puppy or a kitten, or a grown dog or cat.

In this review, we’ll do our best to determine what works in the design and functionality of this playpen, and what doesn’t, so you can choose best what fits your needs, and more importantly, those of your pets.

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Designed And Built WellPetsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen 1

The Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen is built to withstand most of your pet’s playful behavior, with a nice sturdy frame, and durable fabric made of Oxford cloth. The linings inside are also quite strong to bear your pet’s attempts to escape, should it be so inclined. There are two doors that can be zipped shut to secure the insides. The panels are made of mesh and are quite breathable, while allowing your pet a bit of a view from within.

There are also side-pockets on the exterior, where you may store whatever accessories or treats you wish to have on-hand. Based on the size you choose, and how big your pet is, the playpen can be quite roomy, allowing your dog or cat to move around freely inside to play or rest, as it chooses. With the options available in terms of size, you’d do well to choose one that’s spacious enough for your pet’s activities, as well as its feeding bowl, bedding and the like.

The playpen is built well for security, especially if you have a small to medium sized dog or cat. Puppies and kittens, in particular, can be left to play inside safely while you’re busy, and you don’t really need to worry about escaping.


The Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen is designed for great portability, being light as well as easily foldable into its carrying bag, which you can carry when you’re traveling, or just for the odd trip to the neighborhood park for a day out in the sun. Since it comes pre-assembled, it’s quite easy to setup, as it pops up into its deemed shape and configuration quite easily. Pretty much anyone can manage the setup, as there’s absolutely no need to use tools in the process.

The playpen can be folded back just as easily, too, and collapses into a nice, compact form that can be carried around very conveniently in a 17”x14”x2” size bag. You can also conveniently put away the playpen when you’re not using it at home, making its compact folded form ideal for storage.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

The Oxford Cloth used as the primary fabric in the Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen makes the cleaning and upkeep of the playpen a cinch. The material can be cleaned using regular household cleaning products, and a good wipe down is adequate maintenance most of the time.

The bottom is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry too much about any accidents while your pet is inside. Being removable, you can merely unzip the bottom and wash it out to clean it. The fact that you can unzip both the top and bottom allows you to clean the insides of the playpen quite easily, so you can ensure that your pet has a hygienic environment inside to play or rest in.

This can be particularly useful when you’re using the playpen as the “delivery room” when your dog or cat is pregnant, or nursing later. It’s important to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic, and the large size and easy upkeep of this playpen can be quite a blessing at such times.

VersatilePetsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen 4

A regular crate or a playpen that is all steel or wood, while orders more durable and secure, won’t really offer the diverse range of uses that the Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen might offer. The name itself suggests some of its versatility. This playpen can be used as a regular playpen, both indoors and outdoors.

You can leave your pet inside to play or rest, and carry on about your work, assured by its safety and security. Its light weight and portability means you can move it around easily and therefore there’s no problem taking it from room to room within the house, where a regular crate might have been more problematic. You can also use it as an exercise pen or as a proxy crate for your puppy’s crate training period to get it accustomed to confined spaces.

Getting used to being made to stay put in a place where the puppy spends a lot of time playing can be easier than a direct introduction to an unfamiliar crate. The playpen can also be used to transport your pet securely while traveling, offering a more comfortable and familiar environment during a possibly unnerving ride. And, mentioned earlier, it can be used as a make-shift kennel for birthing or nursing mothers, and may better serve as such than regular crates due to its softer, yet easy-to-clean material.


The Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen is one of the more economically priced playpens out there, and considering its build quality and general functionality on offer, it is great value for its price. Owners have generally been approving of the quality on offer at such a price.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Cons”][vc_column_text]

Not As Feature-Rich As One Might Like

Although he Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen offers excellent value considering its price, there are some natural downsides to the economic design. Certain features that are otherwise very popular, and available in more pricier competing products have been omitted here, such as accompanying stakes, which allow you to affix the playpen to the ground when outdoors, or a feeding hole for a water bottle – simple things that might not appear awfully important, yet add-up to a very wholesome experience. The absence of the stakes, for instance, may well limit the playpen’s use outdoors, when your pet is a particularly boisterous one, and prone to flipping or rolling the playpen when in a mood.

Faulty Zippers

Some owners have lamented the poor quality of the zippers used in the playpen, crucially, on the doors, which might enable your pet to escape the pen. The zipper teeth might be prone to coming unstuck when subject to repeated pressure, and a persistent pet might be successful in weakening the zipped door enough to render it virtually useless. Once a zipper is forced to come unstuck a few times, it’s essentially ineffective after that.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Conclusion”][vc_column_text]The Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen is an affordable and fairly well-designed playpen, which offers a great variety of uses in different situations, and is also very conveniently portable. It might not have as many features as, or the build-quality of some of its pricier competition, but it is generally known to offer excellent value, and considered very reliable by owners. Hopefully, this review has highlighted its more pertinent attributes and faults so you may determine whether this is the best purchase for you and your pet.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

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