Zampa Pet 45″ Playpen Review

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Zampa Pet 45″ Playpen ReviewZampa Pet 45 Playpen 1

The Zampa Pet 45” Playpen is one of the better-built and more versatile playpens out there, made of light-weight water-resistant material, and designed to be very conveniently foldable, and portable, that let’s you use it at home, plonk it down in the garden, or even carry it along on picnics or other excursions, so your pet isn’t left out of the fun. It can hold a small to medium sized dog or cat quite comfortably with room to spare, and a large dog, perhaps, depending on its size, and whether it minds it being a little cramped inside.

The playpen has a non-detachable floor to it, which can be quite a blessing if you have a particularly feisty puppy, or one who tends to get innovative with his escape plots – the grooves and edges of the detachable ones tend to be flimsy, or don’t hold up well over time. It has a detachable top made of mesh, though, for when you want allow your pet a bit more of view, and to clean the insides more easily. There are other features to it, including a carry-bag or case for when you want to travel with it for the aforementioned fun-times, and exterior pockets to store food or other items.

The playpen is probably one of the best things you can buy if you have a puppy at home whom you’re training for the crate, and can’t keep an eye all the time. And it seems well worth the price, considering it’s fairly durable, so conveniently portable, has a nice run of features too, and appears to be rated quite well, on average.

Specs and features

For those who appreciate technicalities stated in a concise, and efficient manner, the specifications of the playpen:

Width of the pen: 45 inches in the middle, 43 inches at the bottom, 40 inches at the top

Height of the pen: 24 inches

Number of doors: 2

Number of panels on the sides: 8

Size of carrying case: 26.5 inches long, 20 inches wide

Other features: two pockets and one bottle holder on the exterior, one opening to feed in a water-bottle, 4 stakes for anchoring the playpen to the ground when outdoors.

As is apparent from the above specs, the playpen is quite roomy, and while it may not hold really feisty dogs, or even puppies if they’re of a destructive enough bent of mind, it’s quite useful. Even if your puppy has one of the best dog beds available, a springy, portable playpen offers a fresh and convenient alternative to the crate as a place to hang out in. The playpen material being see-through gives it a “den” sort-of feel, which most puppies absolutely love. The water-resistance of the material and its texture makes it easy to clean and maintain, making it particularly ideal for the crate training phase of a puppy, before it moves into the crate on a more permanent basis.

And its portability makes it more useful by orders of magnitude if you’re the kind that likes to travel, go on trips or picnics and the like. Now you don’t necessarily have to lock away your beloved pup at home. It’s extremely easy to set-up, with the supporting structure within the material sort of guiding you into unfolding it to its intended dimensions.

Also, the permanently attached floor of the playpen makes it much more secure than otherwise, eliminating weak spots around the bottom that pets are generally very likely to discover and exploit. Combined with its portability, it makes the playpen really great for the outdoors, as it makes escaping the pen a tall order for your puppy.[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Pros”][vc_column_text]

  • It’s notably easy to set upZampa Pet 45 Playpen 2
  • It’s nice and roomy for the average pup, and small or medium-sized dog, with space to move around, and for the feeding and water bowls, too.
  • It can be folded into a conveniently sized carrying case, making it portable for carrying outdoors, or for traveling with.
  • The permanently attached floor makes the playpen more secure than detachable ones.
  • It’s quite light, and therefore easy to move around within the house, and also to carry it on trips outside.
  • The material seems fairly durable, with protected seams and reinforced corners and some element of water-resistance, while also being quite breathable for keeping the insides well ventilated.
  • The texture of the material also makes it quite easy to wipe clean and maintain.
  • The extra features are quite thoughtful, with the pockets very handy for storing treats, toys or other items. There’s a holder for storing a water bottle. The opening for feeding in a water bottle is also a nifty little bonus.

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  • It can be confusing, and a little hard to collapse and fold back into its case. The pictures in the instructional manual accompanying it are not very clear, most likely due to the unfortunate color gradient used.
  • It may not be suitable for pets who aren’t particularly well-behaved, and especially larger, older or craftier dogs. If they’re particularly boisterous, they’d probably be able to flip it due to its light weight, and if they really put their minds to it, they might damage the material. After all, there’s a difference between this and a more heavy-duty crate.
  • The flip-side to a non-detachable floor is that you could find it harder to clean the insides than if you could merely take out the bottom and reach around more easily.

[/vc_column_text][title_mod title_name=”Conclusion”][vc_column_text]While it may not be as hardy, or effective, in securing your puppy as some of the <a href=”url”>best dog crates</a> around, the Pet 45” Playpen crafted by Zampa is well worth buying just for its superb portability. It’s ideal for when you have a new puppy you’re trying to get crate trained, or for providing a comfortable, easily moveable and fairly secure place for your dog other than its crate. It’ll be particularly delightful for people who would like their pups or dogs to accompany them on trips outside, but are apprehensive of losing them without a place to secure them when they need to. For these reasons and all the other extras it offers, it’s well worth buying.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

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