Bark in the Night

Losing our dog is not something most people would even think about, especially if your dog is only outside by human led leash, but dogs are lost constantly and there is unfortunately something called dog napping, which is on the rise in this country. With the rise of the popularity of underground dog fighting, which has made the news lately, dogs are being napped right out of their backyards and brought into a seedy underbelly of violence and death. This is not a place any dog lover wants to see any dog end up so taking the steps below are crucial in keeping your dog safe. While this is probably the worst scenario, lost dogs face other problems such as medical issues, behavior changes, and long-term personality shifts. All this misery can easily avoided if you simply follow a few rules to keep your puppy where they belong; at home and safe.


The smartest thing to do to prevent your dog from being lost is to train them to listen to your commands under all circumstances. If your dog ignores your commands at home, with no distraction it will that much harder to get them to listen when they spotted something that needs chasing. Proper training is important both for the well being of your puppy, but also for the safety of everyone involved. A puppy that listens to your commands will have the power to switch off the chase they may be after when they hear their owner making a command. Earning the respect of your dog is step on in protecting them against harm, and from them running away. The best method to make sure your dog will listen in all circumstances is to train your dogs in all the situations you can replicate. Bring them to the dog park and spend the day training your dog to listen to you while there are numerous distractions all around. If you succeed at the park, it will be a cake walk anywhere else.

Making small steps to protecting your dog from being lost can make a big difference. For starters, buy a leash that fits your dog’s neck securely. This will allow you to maneuver your dog easily, without worrying that your dog will see a cat and take off. If you take the leash off make sure you are in a large area that can be controlled. For instance dog parks work well since the dog can run free without running away.


If you let your dog outside in the back yard consider adding a fence. There are two fences to consider. First you could simply build a fence around your property to give your dog a safe environment to play and go potty. Make sure you keep an eye on the holes your pooch might dig up. You do not want to go out there one day and find that your smart little dog dug a way out of the yard.

Another fence option is the invisible fence. This is an electronic device that surrounds the premises and acts as a barrier to keep the dog from crossing. Your dog would wear a color that emanates a pulse if the dog gets near to the fence. The strength of the pulse increases as the dog gets closer. The only problem with the invisible fence is a dog could run right through the invisibility cloak without noticing the pulsing until it’s too late, the dog is free. A combination of the two fences is the best protection you can provide your dog.


Registering your dog is a quick and efficient way to let the world help you if your dog gets lost. There are numerous websites popping up offering you the opportunity to register your dog with them. They take the basic information and if your dog gets lost, you simply post your need and if the dog is found, people will have your contact information and your dog will be returned safe and sound. Take a look around the websites offered and make sure the one(s) you register your puppy with are valid sites. It also does not hurt to find those sites that have had success in the past, since those sites will get more traffic, and create better chances that your dog will be found happy and healthy.


Microchips have gained popularity lately in the veterinarian world. These chips are surgically inserted in your dog and act as a GPS system. They allow you to track your dog wherever they are. If your dog becomes lost, and is brought to a clinic or shelter the staff can scan the dog and be able to find your information. In addition, and probably more important, the scan gives pre-approval to administer certain medical procedures which could save your dog’s life. While your dog is being taken care of, you will be contacted and told where to meet your dog for the happy reunion. Obtaining the microchip for your dog will put your mind at ease, if they decide to take themselves on a walk. Most pet insurances will cover this procedure leaving very little out of pocket expense. Pet Insurances know the importance of protecting their “clients” from any harm, which is why any good pet insurance will offer this service as step one in protecting your pet.

Protecting our dogs from being lost should be dog ownership 101. We all love our dogs and want nothing but a great life for them so taking the steps above will create a safe and happy environment for your best friend and will also help find your dog if something happens and your dog is lost. You should always use prevention first with a strong backup plan for when that fails. Show your dog you love them by taking the steps to protect them for life. They will thank you for it with love and happiness.