A Lot Like Raising a Child

After many long months of deciding whether or not to get a puppy for your family, you’ve come to the decision that a dog is a good choice of a pet for you. Hopefully and responsibly, you have researched each type of breed available and, after careful thought; you have made the choice of a bulldog puppy.

Hold on. Not so fast.

I have been exposed to bulldogs my entire life and can tell you that raising a bulldog is not for the casual pet owner. Understand that a bulldog, as evidenced by their high asking price, is an investment and a true member of your family. If you are someone who wants a dog that you can feed, water, and forget, then forget about the bulldog. This breed is not for you.

If you want a breed that is content to only see you for a few minutes a day and not have you in his sight every waking hour, then forget about a bulldog.

However, if you want a pet that will hang on your every word, watch television with you and still let you hold the remote, then a bulldog is wonderful choice. Having been raised with bulldogs, I can attest to their family devotion particularly when it comes to children. In spite on their fierce looks, a bulldog can be trusted with a child, even the most annoying children. Of course, responsible supervision is always required but I would not hesitate to leave any child with a bulldog.

While a bulldog will never be the companion of a long distance runner or someone who exerts strong physical activity, a bulldog is a trusted pal to the child, who wishes to engage in some play outdoors. Even if the child is content playing with other children, the bulldog will be ever vigilant in keeping a watchful eye

Still just as your child has limitations, so will your new bulldog. No bulldog should ever be tied outside or really be left alone outside with easy access to indoors.

Due to a bulldog’s facial structure, breathing can be an issue. Therefore, a bulldog can become quickly overheated and must be able to be brought indoors, especially in extreme heat. In fact, as a responsible bulldog owner and breeder, no bulldog should be placed in a home without adequate air conditioning.

Just like a child, a bulldog needs constant attention when it comes to the issue of toileting. No bulldog owner would ever leave the house without bags for residue and without baby wipes. Yes, just like your toddler who is learning to “wipe,” you will have to assist your dog in this effort.

Baby wipes will also come in handy for all that wrinkle cleaning and face washing that is necessary for a bulldog’s appearance and his health.

With all those folds in his skin, moisture can be trapped. This can lead to irritation for your dog. Get your new puppy accustomed to having his wrinkles washed and dried. Applying a little Gold Bond powder or Arrid Extra Dry powder should also be part of the routine.

Careful consideration should also be given to what type of food you feed your bulldog. As they can be prone to allergies, you may have to try a few out before you find the right one for your particular bulldog. Remember that bulldogs can be prone to acne and the proper food choice can make a difference in how much acne your bulldog will have to endure.

Take into consideration that bulldogs can sometimes suffer from inter digital cysts. This can be a result of an allergy or walking on a very hot surface. Do not panic if this happens with your bulldog. Take him to a responsible, bulldog knowledgeable vet to confirm that those little bumps between his toes are, in fact, those dreaded cysts. Purchase some Epsom Salts and soak bully’s feet for about a half hour each day for a week, Keep those tootsies dry and powdered and the problem will be gone.

After all this you may wonder why anyone would want the responsibility of inviting a bulldog into your home. For any bulldog owner the answer is an easy one. The bulldog is the perfect companion. He is great for an apartment dweller, family with a stay-at-home-person, the shut-in, and definitely for the empty nester.
Owning a bulldog brings a special kind of joy. It is the joy of owning that 50 pound lap dog. It is the joy of truly never needing a leash as your bully will never leave your side. It is the joy of taking care of a baby that never talks back, grows, up, or leaves you alone.

I waited until my own children were grown before I got back into the bulldog world. My bulldogs bring me such joy, it far outweighs whatever I have to do to keep them happy. Bulldog ownership may not be for everyone but I guarantee that once you own one, you’ll be back for another.