Reasons to Get a Dog

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in an individual’s life. Not only do you improve the life of a wonderful, loyal animal, but you also and richer own life by bringing up loving pet into your own home.

Add the fact that dogs happen to be just about the cutest creature on earth, and it’s hard to see why anybody would not go out and get themselves a dog. Most responsible adults, however, recognize that owning a dog is not all sunshine and rainbows. Sure, dogs are called man’s best friend for good reason, but they also come with a price tag and I don’t just mean the upfront cost of purchasing a dog.

The fact is that dogs are an enormous amount of responsibility, and we don’t just mean picking the right name. It is essential then that you stop and consider the pros and the cons of purchasing a dog before you go to a breeder or shelter to pick up your very own best friend.

Deciding one way or the other is far from simple, so to help you decide we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to consider before taking the leap into becoming a dog owner. It is our hope that you will consider each point carefully, and with any luck arrived at the decision that you are both ready and have the means to support a dog in your life. Let’s begin.


One of the first considerations that you should make before you purchase a dog is your budget. The fact of the matter is that owning a dog can be incredibly expensive, and you have to be sure you are prepared to take on the financial burden associated with pet ownership.

Obviously there is the upfront cost associated with actually getting your dog. The cost of a dog will vary a considerable amount depending on the approach you take. For example, getting a dog from a breeder tends to be more expensive because you are buying a pure breed dog that was born and raised with any luck in ideal conditions. As an owner, you will have to take on the additional cost associated with buying from a responsible breeder, but oftentimes owners find the associated cost is well worth it.

There are of course excellent alternative to breeders. One of the best ways to get your dog is by going to your local shelter. The local shelter is an excellent alternative to other means of getting your dogs for a couple reasons. First, you’re saving a dog from a potential he tragic fate. While shelters do all they can to make dogs comfortable, there is only so much so that they can do, and if you’re a responsible pet owner it’s guaranteed that you will make a dog very happy by inviting it into your home. The second benefit is that an animal shelter is considerably more affordable than breeders typically speaking. If you are looking to save on upfront costs animal shelters are likely going to be the way to go

Once you have decided on how you were going to purchase your dog, it is also important to determine if you have the budget to take care of all the other needs your dog will have. You must be able to afford all of the equipment such as crates (check out our review page for more), food (learn more here), and veterinary bills that are inevitably going to come up. If you are not yet financially stable enough to assume these cost, it is highly recommended that you hold off on purchasing a dog until you can. Waiting will be rewarding, and there is a certain piece of mind that comes with knowing you can support your dog through thick and thin.


The next consideration you should make before purchasing a dog is space. Depending on the breed of dog, it is either going to be more or less important that you have ample room for them to live. For example, Shepherd’s typically require a great deal of exercise and you’re going to want to either provide them with a large area to roam or plenty of exercise. In contrast, often times many breeds of dogs are quite happy with smaller spaces as long as they can get out for a reasonable amount of exercise.

Before you settle on a breed make sure that the one that catches your eye is going to be well suited to your lifestyle. Speaking of lifestyle…


Another major consideration before you decide to become a dog owner is figuring out how much free time you’re going to have to spend with your dog. This is essential for both practical and emotional reasons.

Not unlike humans, dogs are very social animals. While some cats may be happy spending much of their time in a more solitary fashion, many dogs require more hands-on care and attention. You should be sure that you or a loved one is going to be able to provide this type of care. If you are currently very busy with your career, for instance, perhaps it might be best to hold off until things slow down and you have time for your new dog.

Another consideration is whether or not you will have time to perform the basic care for your dog. Your dog will need to go out during the day, and they will need exercise. You should be sure you have time in your schedule to accommodate these needs. You can also look into getting a dog walker, or looking for help elsewhere, but be sure you have the budget to accommodate your dog’s needs in this case.


Of course there are many more considerations you should make before you purchase a pet. Hopefully these couple of considerations were enough to get you thinking about the realities of dog ownership, however.

If you have reviewed these considerations and other confounding factors of your life, and come to the conclusion that you are prepared to be a dog owner, then congratulations! You’re about to make your life and the life of a furry friend that much brighter, and the world just a little bit more of a warmer place.