How to Rid Your Dog and Home of Fleas

If you’re dog owner chances are you’ve had problems with fleas in the past. Fleas are basically little mosquitoes, they are a type of parasite that feeds on the blood of mammals. They like to jump on their victims and suck as much blood as possible. Once the fleas have had their fill big jump off and wait until it’s time to eat again. Fleas are very small, almost too small to see with the naked eye, but when you know where to look they are not hard to see. They may be small but they can jump great distances, making them especially hard to control. If your dog is not protected properly from a flea infestation, they can become infested by fleas by simply walking within striking distance of a flea. For every one flea you find on your dog, there are usually 100 that you can’t.

The problem here is that when fleas are done feeding they like to jump off their hosts, meaning that if your dog is infested with fleas chances are your home is as well. The only way to read a flea infestation in your home is to attack them at the source; you must read your dog or fleas in order to get them out of your house. There are few avenues available for getting rid of fleas on your dog. There’s a lot able to use chemicals available in flea collars, flea shampoo, and products such as frontline which is applied once a month on your dog’s back. While the chemical alternatives work well and are guaranteed to rid your dog and House of fleas, some people don’t feel safe applying such harsh chemicals to their family pets. The other alternatives available other than chemicals are natural remedies. These natural remedies can work just as well and as fast as the chemical ones. One of the most popular natural remedies for getting rid of fleas is herbal dog shampoos. The shampoos are safe to use on your dog and a lot of times the soap and water is effective in ridding your dog of fleas. The active ingredient that’s responsible for ridding your dog or fleas in these herbal shampoos is usually pennyroyal or eucalyptus oil. These two oils naturally repel fleas and are safe to use on your dog. After you have bathed your dog get yourself a flea comb and finally groom your dog kicking off the fleas as you see them. This method is very time consuming and sometimes frustrating since the fleas are so small, but is the only way to ensure all the live fleas are gone. There are also other natural alternatives available on the market similar to frontline. These products say they are natural and chemical free, but I have read some horror stories over the Internet so make sure you do your research before putting anything on your dog. Another easy way to prevent fleas from attacking your dog is to make your dog stand less appetizing for fleas. By mixing in some garlic or brewers yeast into their everyday food, this makes your dog less appetizing for fleas over time.

Now that your dog is free of fleas, it’s time to get rid of them in your home. First and foremost make sure the fleas don’t return to your dog, to be sure of this I would recommend using any product that repels fleas for 30 days or more. When you’re sure that your dog is safe from fleas, you can finally begin to eradicate them in your house. The first precaution that should be taken would be vacuuming your entire home, make sure you vacuum all the carpets and backing in the hard-to-reach hiding places the fleas will take advantage of. Wash the sheets on all the beds inside your home, especially the ones your dog has been sleeping on. Also be sure to double clean any high traffic areas your dog uses, as well as throwing away all your dogs play toys.

Please are nasty parasites and should not be taken lightly. Because fleas are so small, by the time you realize your dog has them it may be too late. If left untreated, a flea infestation can be very detrimental to your dog’s health, causing anemia, spreading disease, and may result in death. Make sure you check your dog often, and of course the easiest way to tell is a very itchy puppy.

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