Tristar Dog House Crate Indoor Kennel for Small Dogs, Cats, Pet Home with Door and Bed Mat (BLUE/PINK) Review

Since the days of snoopy the dog house has been a fixture in the American backyard. As much as any flower bed for patio furniture set, a doghouse that is well-made and well-built can truly tie yard together.

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Dog House Crate Indoor Kennel for Small Dogs, Cats, Pet Home with Door and Bed Mat BLUE PINK ReviewThe dog house is universally loved, but what if you wanted all the charm of the dog house, and comfort it provides in the safety of your very own home? What if your dog crate that historically has been an eyesore in the home could be replaced by something with charm and appeal to not only your dog, but yourself and guests in your home?

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Tristart Wood has produced a dog house that does exactly that.


The Dog House Crate Indoor Kennel has a very simple design but proves that just because something simple that does not mean ugly. Far from it, the simple design is quaint, available in pink or blue, and even comes fitted with two window so your dog won’t feel it’s missing out on the action in the living room even when he’s safely at home.

Tristar also made sure that the doghouse doesn’t only look good, but also provides quality that is going to survive the abuse any good kennel will face. Tristar did so by constructing the dog house out of natural hardwood panels.

The panels are natural, but the pink and blue designs pop and will fit in with the décor of any room or home.

If the impressive design has one drawback, it’s set at first sight it looks as though construction will be a daunting task. While it’s true that the design looks sturdy, they’ve built the doghouse with easy construction in mind. Each piece of natural hardwood paneling snaps together, and stays together creating a product that is both easy to construct and durable.

One of the best qualities of the natural hardwood paneling is the fact that it’s an absolute breeze to clean. A few wipes with a simple damp cloth will be enough to keep your dog’s kennel in tip-top shape. In fact, it’ll have you wishing spring cleaning were as easy in your own home.



Any indoor doghouse or kennel has to be made to survive the regular wear and tear that comes with being a pet owner. The Dog House Crate Indoor Kennel passes this test with flying colors, and Tristar Wood has crafted a doghouse you and your dog will enjoy for years to come.


The doghouse has a lovely design that looks almost like a quaint little home within your home that your dog can escape too. Long gone are the days when having a kennel resigned you to have an ugly eyesore in the backyard.

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Despite the quality and stability of the frame, the doghouse was also designed with you in mind. You won’t have to dread taking it out of the box, because they’ve save you the trouble so often associated with putting together furniture.

The natural hardwood paneling and intuitive design make putting it together easier than you can imagine.

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Dog House Crate Indoor Kennel for Small Dogs, Cats, Pet Home with Door and Bed Mat BLUE PINK ReviewCleaning

Just like putting it together, the doghouse is also easy to clean. Simply reach in the kennel so you can wipe the dog house down and get on with your day.



The doghouse is not well-suited for large breeds. A Great Dane might be able to squeeze its way in but you’d be hard pressed to get it back out again.

If you have a big dog I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

Not Suited for Outdoor Use

The doghouse might look great, and it’s a very solid, but does not have the durability needed for outdoor use. Well you could theoretically keep it outside your home,  it would likely not survive adverse weather conditions, nor would it provide the shelter your dog would need outdoors.

I would recommend looking at outdoor dog houses that will be better suited for the job.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a nice, solid, and good looking dog house that will keep your dog comfortable in the living room you’ve found it. Royal Craft Wood has created something very special hear that both you and your dog can enjoy.

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