And that’s all the traffic business down at North Freeway. Okay folks that is all we have for tonight…Oh Wait! Breaking News! A little thirteen year old boy named Shane MacArthur is missing. He was last seen by the streets of his school yesterday. Search dogs and policemen are looking everywhere for him. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes. His mother is just trying to find him hopelessly. Alright that’s all we have for tonight. Oh God help find that little boy. The T.V shut off just as Shane’s parents watched the 10:00pm news. The police and search dogs were searching for Shane by the forest near by. Shane’s mother hears barking and police cars parked outside while she cries herself to sleep.

It was 8:00am and Shane’s widowed mother was already awake looking out into the forest while talking to a detective. “So, whens the last time you saw your son?” He asked. “It was yesterday before school. The school bus was already waiting for him outside so I said ‘Goodbye Shane! I love you.’ and he said I love you too and then he walked out to the bus. I saw him get on the bus so he didn’t skip unless he sneaked out of class.” “Okay, and whens the last time your husband saw Shane?” The detective asked. “Shane’s father died in Iraq.” “Oh well, I’m very sorry to hear that.”

It was already 10:00am. Shane’s mother kept on looking into the forest like she was going to run in there. Officer Daniels pulled up to the curb with his flashing lights on but no sound. He got out of the car with his dog Sammy. Sammy was a highly trained German Shepherd Search Dog that was perfect for searching for Shane. “Do you have a dirty shirt he could smell or something?” The detective asked her. “Oh yes, of coarse.” She ran into the house and grabbed one of his dirty shirts from days before. Daniels grabbed it and put it to Sammy’s nose. Sammy sniffed and sniffed all over it. Two minutes later after sniffing, Sammy ran into the forest without any officers. Sammy was too quick for Officer Daniels. Ms. MacArthur crossed her arms like she was cold and eyed Sammy into the forest. Officers and Detectives ran in after him. Daniels was calling Sammy over and over. No barking or sound was going on. Just the footsteps and voices calling out Sammy and Shane ran throughout the forest.

Daniels spotted Sammy darting through a path out to the hiking path where there were rocks and cliffs and caves. Daniels had gotten that gut feeling that he might be dead but he fought to doubt it. Ms. MacArthur ran with Daniels following Sammy. Sammy lead them to a wet cave. Sammy looked and sniffed everywhere. Daniels watched Sammy run behind a rock. He lifted his head and in his mouth, was Shane’s T-Shirt he wore the day his mother last saw him. Ms. MacArthur covered her mouth and bowed her head with instant tears. Other officers were all around for Shane. This could be the next clue. Sammy put the shirt down and sniffed it some more. In a couple seconds, he dashed toward the edge of a cliff. Daniels knew this wasn’t a good sign. The German Shepherd started barking and got close enough to the edge. Daniels followed Sammy over to the cliff while MacArthur just stood there crying. Some other officers walked over there too and bowed heads in disbelief. Shane MacArthur was lying there. It was a 70 foot drop. All over the showing parts of the cliff were low fences but not enough to stop suicidal people. Shane MacArthur was dead. Ms. MacArthur walked a few steps forward over to the cliff but when Daniels shook his head and when it looked like the search was over, she immediately dropped to the concrete and cried out, “Oh No! No! God! Why?!” She cried and cried over again. Daniels just looked over the cliff with Sammy sitting next to him. Sammy whimpered. “Oh, good boy Sam. Good boy.”