Say No to Dog Fighting

Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states, and is a felony offense in almost every state. What is dog fighting you ask? Well, dog fighting is a violent act in some dog owners place their dog in a pit with another dog and see which dog has the most power over the other dog. the dog fight is done when one of the dogs shows he can no longer go on or continue. These fights usually last an hour to two hours. There is excessive gambling and bets made on these dogs as they fight eachother. Dog fights can happen anywhere, but there are reports of these fights happening more in urban areas. This has become known as a “sport” for dog owners that indulge in these dog fights.

Dogs used in these fights often die of the following; excessive blood loss, dehydration, shock, exhaustion, or numerous infections. These fights result in dog neglect, dog abuse, and dog murders. Almost all of pet owners who engage in dog fights they do not take their dog to the vet. So they buy all their medications that they need and vitamins for these animals through under the table places or through a local pharmacy.

Other animals besides dogs are often sacrificed as well. Some of the owners train their dogs for these fights by using smaller animals such as; cats, rabbits, other small rodents or other smaller dogs. These animals that are sacrificed to these dogs during a training session are often from pet for sale ads, or free pets to good homes advertisements.

Illegal gambling is often found at dog fights. Spectators and dog owners will bet hundreds to thousands of dollars on their favorite dog fighter. As well as illegal firearms, and drugs are present during these fights. This is based on the large amounts of cash present at these fights.

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Dog fighting should be a felony offense. Instead of just recieving some jail time and fines, these pet owners deserve more than just a slap on the wrist. Dog fighters basically think that recieving these fines and overnight stays in jail is apart of business. They don’t see that what they are really doing is animal abuse, and an act of violence that shouldn’t even be committed. A lot of these dog owners will breed their dog and the puppies of these liters are just spawns of the these dogs that are out fighting. The dog fighters that get busted by law enforcement will usually find an escape route so that they don’t become investigated by the law. So these kind of investigations can be dangerous, expensive, and time consuming. As more states in the united states make dog fighting a felony offense, then the remaining states with lower penalties will become a more open market for dog fighters.

It is important to understand that not just any certain breed can be used as a dog fighter. Fighting dogs are born ready for the training, and dog fighting matches. Fighting dogs will continue to attack until they are basically lifeless. Submission signals from another opponent, and these dogs will continue fighting until badly injured. If the pet owner has a dog that is a grand champion, and the dog has a liter of puppies, regardless of breed. Those puppies can be sold for up to $1500 per puppy. Which then the new pet owner that purchases a puppy from a dog fighter liter normally just does the same and the puppy is then a new spawn of a dog fighter. Everything repeats itself.

To wipe out dog fighting the only thing we can really do is as a society we must protect the innocence of these dogs. And make sure that these dog fighting pet owners stop breeding their dogs or we will never stop the problem. There is no reason to abuse an animal just because it may gain you extra pocket cash. Until we can resolve the problem we must understand the reasoning behind it.

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