Starting a Dog Walking Business

Easy Ways to Open a Dog Walking Business

Dogs are our all time favorites. These days, the pet industry has never been as lucrative as it has been. One aspect of this business is dog walking. Surely, there are a lot of people who want to know how to start a dog walking business. Here are the tips on how to get started.

  1. Gather references. Get to know people who want somebody to walk their dogs. However, you need to have the experience before you embark on this business. If you have clients before, ask written recommendations from them and make them as your reference whenever you are looking for clients.
  2. Have a systematic billing system. You won’t actually bother about what billing method to use as you begin your business. But wait and see. As your business grows, you have to systematize everything, including payments. Excel is a good program to utilize for this. It can help you in handling bills, taxes, and other financial stuffs that you need to address.
  3. Look for legal advice. While dog walking business more of “under the table type” and does not require much paper work, it can also have its downside. Walking dogs particularly requires great responsibility – and liability – towards the owners of the dogs. It is better if your company, and not you personally, is the one liable for any responsibility. Seek the help of a lawyer on how to make your business a legitimate one.
  4. Know the streets. Familiarize the streets of your town. Study a map and know which street you are passing at. It’s really a big no, no when you walk your dogs yet you don’t know how to get back where you came from.
  5. Advertising is good, but word of mouth is better. Provide your clients with your business cards and offer them incentives if they give you more referrals. Likewise, establishing good customer relation will help your business. Your client simply can’t help it but talk how nice of you to walk his dogs.
  6. Dress properly. Make sure that you are comfortable with your clothes as you walk the dogs.
  7. Hire some help. Make sure that your helper is reliable and honest and has the experience in dog walking. Be very careful and screen the applicants well. You are entrusting the safety of your dogs to other people, thus, you have to decide wisely.
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