Steps to Keeping Your Dog Younger

How to keep your dog feel and stay younger. By just following these steps you will have your best friend with you longer.

1. You must know when you dog are considered a senior. Dogs that weigh in less than 20lbs are considered seniors when they are between nine to thirteen years old, while dogs that over ninety pounds are consider seniors when they are between six and nine years. This is because the smaller the dog the longer they live.
You need schedule regular wellness checks for your dog. This can help identify any issues that your dog may have. Your vet will check their heart, eyes, ears, lungs. They will check their weight, for parasites, blood work and I needed a urine test. If you dog need any additional test they will be recommended or preformed at this time. The earlier you catch a problem the easier it is to come up with treatment options.

2.You need to regularly check your dog at home to spot any issues that they may have. You need to look for subtle changes in your dog, since they are good at hiding issues that they may. Changes in water consumption, loss of appetite, weight gain or lost, coughing, changes in eliminate, having trouble breathing, vomiting or diarrhea; and skin lumps or masses. If you see an issue or you think that there may be a problem you need to get your dog to your vet.

3. Controlling you dog’s weight is important in keeping them young. Just like in people the more weight that they have the harder their system needs work to do the job. This taxes their heart, lungs, liver, brain and kidneys. Over time they can develop the same health issues that overweight people have developed such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and much more. So keep an eye on your dog’s weight and make sure that you are feeding them a high quality food and keep snacks at a minimum. The better the food the better it is for them. Do not feed animals with food with lots of fillers in them, but make sure that you are feed your dog a food with lots of real meat in them.

4. Dogs that are allowed to roam free tend to live shorter lives then dogs that are confined in a house or fenced yard. This is due to that dogs that are roaming free are more likely to get into fights with other animals, eat or drink items that are contaminated with parasites. So please keep your dog in your yard or house to not only help them live longer but also keep them safe. You must also safe guard your yard or house from harmful items for your dogs. Make sure that you keep all poisons and trash away from your dogs. A small amount of rat poison, slug bait or antifreeze can cause either a serious illness or death in your dog.

5. Encourage your dog to excise by either playing with them or have them excise with you. This is good for their joints and muscles. By excising your dog you will not only help them stay young but you will also be helping yourself by getting excise to help with you muscles, joints and heart. Exercise with also provide mental stimulation for your pets. Also trying playing with them by throwing a ball or teaching them new tricks.

6. Your dog should be spayed or neutered, this will prevent unwanted puppies and decrease the dog population, but this is the only reason. By spaying or neuter your dog you lessen the chances that you dog will end up with reproductive cancers, they are less likely to roam or try to get out.

Just follow these steps to keep your dog young and you will reward with a longer life with your best friend. So you should know when your dog is considered old, have regular check up with your vet and regularly check on your dog and keep note of any changes in behavior, control their weight and feed a good quality food, keep them in the house and in your yard or leashed without, keep any harmful items away from them, encourage your dog to exercise; this will keep their weight down and provide mental stimulation and also have your dog spayed or neutered; The sooner you do it the better.

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