Stopping Dogs Bad Behavior Instantly

You walk into the kitchen and your dog is eating food left on the counter or you dogs start barking at someone passing by your house and you need to seize the behavior in an instant. A almost sure way to stop bad behavior is by using a high pitched sharp simple noise. No this will not correct bad behavior all together but it will direct their attention elsewhere long enough for you to take control of the situation. This works so well you won’t believe it.

I work in a veterinary clinic and as soon as we come in in the morning all the dogs start barking non stop from being excited and/ or anxious to go outside. This makes it very hard to hear each other talk so if someone is trying to communicate something simple with me and I can’t hear over the dogs I let out a very high pitched sharp short sound such as “AH AH AH.” It silences all of them for a few short seconds so that I can hear the other person. Of course they go right back to barking but that’s fine.

You just need to be able to take control of a situation quickly because after all we are the owners. I have a small child at home and when my dogs start getting carried away playing with each other and get to close to my child and I need them to stop before they knock him over I let out that sound and everything seizes and they look directly at me.

This technique is wonderful and works in most cases although only short term. Try watching Animal Planet’s “Its Me or the Dog” with Victoria Stilwell to see exactly what I am talking about. She uses this quite often.

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