What Are the Symptoms of a Dogs Ear Yeast Infection?

What should you look for if you suspect that your dog’s ears may have a yeast infection? The first thing you should become aware of is any changes in your dog’s behavior or habits. By knowing your dog’s routine and personality well, any strange behavior should be a red flag that something unusual is going on with your pup, especially if nothing in his or her environment has changed.

Here are some things to take notice of:

How is your dog’s energy level? Is he or she more lethargic than usual?

Is your dog whining a lot?

Is he or she moping around or showing signs of depression?

Is your dog itching persistently or excessively, especially around the ears?

Is he or she rubbing against the carpet or furniture?

Is your dog shaking his or her head a lot?

Watch your dog closely for any of these behaviors.

Make sure you take a Look in or around your dog’s ears to see if there is any redness or swelling. Notice if there is any kind of a waxy discharge that has an offensive odor.

Some other less obvious signs that your dog may be suffering from a yeast infection are hair loss, skin irritations, discoloration or rashes that could occur anywhere on your dog’s body. Look for these as well.

If left untreated or if your dog is prone to a chronic condition, this problem can spread to other areas. For example, your dog may develop a general infection around the lips, muzzle, toes or anus. The warmth and moister of these parts allow yeast to thrive resulting in an overgrowth of the fungus.

Even if your dog shows many of the signs mentioned above, make sure you confirm this diagnosis with your vet. The more detail you can provide your vet regarding your dog’s symptoms, the better your vet can help with the best treatment plan for your dog.

Your Dogs Ear Yeast infection can become chronic. Treating the underlying cause will prevent this condition from reoccurring time and again. Make sure you discuss a long term management plan with your vet as well.

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