Taking Care of Dog Dry Skin

In the same way that we suffer from various ailments from time to time, so do our pets. Dog dry skin is a problem that affects many breeds to a degree. Apart from the discomfort that is obviously felt by your pet, the nonstop scratching can also irritate you.

One reason could be an allergy. The number of people suffering from allergies is increasing, and now it is believed this is also true for our pets. The reason that has led to a greater number of allergies in mammals is still not clear though it is thought that it may be down to the chemicals that exist in our diets and our homes. An allergy may also be due to dust mites and fleas. The solution here would be to make modifications to your pet’s diet and also regularly check the furnishings of your home for mite and fleas.

When such an issue arises you may consider taking your dog to a local veterinarian, but this would be likely to incur an expensive fee. Most vets can charge more for treating pets than what we would spend on ourselves. A good way to avoid excessive fees from your vet is to invest in cheap dog insurance.

Fortunately you can solve the problem of your pet’s flaky skin without the need for expensive veterinarian drugs. To start with it is important to try to identify the cause of the condition. Just like we need a healthy balanced diet so do our pets. We know that if we do not get enough fiber then the result can be a colon that has a build up of unhealthy bacteria. This in turn leads to dry skin. A good vet, such as Dr. Pat Bradley from Dogs’ Health, can recommend a more nutritious food.

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To bring a degree of relief whilst identifying the cause of the dog’s dry skin you could choose a mild natural moisturizing shampoo to bathe them every few days. By using a moisturizer your pet will suffer from less rashes and itches. It is essential to choose a shampoo that has specially been designed for dogs, don’t use your own bathroom products on any dog.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian or doctor. Should you think that your pet needs medical attention, please contact your local veterinarian.  
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