Taking The Dog Hiking

This past weekend I was able to take Dobby for a long hike in the nearby woods. It’s quite a beautiful spot. Over 7 miles of trails, great scenery, hardly anyone else around, and lots of things for Dobby to sniff! It’s amazing how much he enjoys the woods. The second we turn down the road that leads to the trail entrance, he perks up and begins to whine with excitement. Once I open my car door, he springs into action – by action, I mean immediately lifts his leg and goes on every plant that is in sight. Afterwards, it’s off to chase after squirrels!

As we walk the 7 mile trail, Dobby runs around, always staying within view of me, jumping over downed logs, trying to ‘hunt’ for a nearby rodent. It brings me so much joy seeing how happy he is in the woods. All of the troubles of my daily grind are forgotten when I’m one with nature, enjoying the sounds of birds chirping and the wind blowing around me. Seeing my best friend so happy just further adds to my enjoyment.

We try and go hiking at least once per weekend, although that is becoming tough now that we’re headed for winter. We will still probably go hiking, even when it’s cold out, but probably not for as long. I took him out hiking last winter when he was only 5 months old and 7 pounds lighter than he is now, and he was perfectly fine. In fact, he hated when I would scoop him up and put him in the car. Little guy just loves to run around outside! The best part about taking Dobby hiking when he was a puppy was that it would tire him out, making it super easy to train him!

Hiking with Dobby is one of the greatest joys in my life. There really isn’t anything that I look forward to more than going into the woods with him. I’ve convinced my friends to come along with us a few times and they too enjoy it. So it’s not just a euphoric feeling for this proud puppy dad! Taking your dog hiking is just an all around great activity.

Anyways, I’ll be using this blog spot to post stories of me and Dobby’s adventures. Stay tuned!

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