How to Teach a Dog to Sit

Find an open space. Have your dog on a leash, with the leash in your left hand and a small handful of treats in your right hand.

Get the dog’s attention (by saying is name and/or letting him smell the treats). Hold your closed treat hand level with the dog’s nose (he should smell the treats now).

Without saying anything, move your hand slowly upward and towards the back of the dog (at the same time). Your dog should follow your hand with his head. Your hand should come a few inches above the dog’s head.

The dog may not sit on the first few tries. Repeat the first three steps until the dog’s butt touches the ground. As soon as the butt touches the ground give an auditory reward (something the dog can hear) – like a click from a clicker or a verbal “Yes” – then a treat immediately after the auditory reward.

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Repeat these steps until the dog consistently sits on the visual command. Then add the word “Sit

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