Teaching Your Dog Sit

You can teach your dog to sit in just minutes, following these steps. Make sure your dog has a well-fitted collar and leash on. If you have a high-energy dog, it is best to give him ample exercise prior to a training session in order to make it easy for him to focus.

  1. Make sure you have your dog’s very favorite treats (hot dogs and cheese are some of my dog’s favorites).
  2. Hold your dog’s leash to keep him still. You will want the collar well positioned high on his neck right behind his ears the leash coming off the ring right behind his head.
  3. Hold the treat in front of your dog slowly bringing it up and over the middle of his head. You will see that he will follow the treat, with his nose pointing into the air toward the treat. Just keep moving the treat back. Typically, this will naturally cause your dog’s rear end to begin to hit the floor. As soon as he sits, give him his treat, say “good”, and give him a pet. Repeat this, a few times. You will be immediately rewarding him without even giving him the verbal instruction to sit.
  4. If your dog does not sit, assist him by gently pushing his tush to the floor. Give him his treat and then repeat step three. Sometimes it takes a few times of showing them what you want before they catch on.
  5. Now, it is time for the verbal command. Repeat step three, except use the verbal command “SIT” as soon as you show the dog the treat. As soon as he sits, give him the treat and praise him. Keep repeating until the dog sits as soon as you give him the verbal command.
  6. Once he catches on to the verbal command “SIT” you can give a treat every two times he sits, and then every three, etc. You can eventually just give him the praise as his reward.

Just stay patient and repeat the steps. You will have a sitting dog quicker than you ever imagined. Repetition and one word commands makes training your dog very easy. You will be excited to move on to new tricks when you realize how easy it is. Dogs strive to please their owners. Proper training makes life easier for both the dog and the owner.

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