Keep Your Dog Safe, Happy and Healthy

Being a dog owner means devoting a large part of your home to your furry family member. Some dogs love their pile of chew toys, while other dogs only want a soft spot to relax. Regardless of the type of dog you have, there are several items that every dog owner needs.

Ten Items Every Dog Owner Needs #1: Copy of Shot Records

Every dog owner needs to keep a copy of their pet’s shot records where they can easily find them. There are several reasons why this is important, but one great example is if you your pet gets loose and manages to lose their collar, you may need to prove that your pet has had their shots.

Ten Items Every Dog Owner Needs #2: Good Set of Nail Clippers

Unless dog owners want to take their pet to the vet every few weeks, they need a good pair of nail clippers. Have your vet suggest a pair that will work well on your pet’s nails. A good set of nail clippers will cost under $20.

Ten Items Every Dog Owner Needs #3: First Aid Kit

Just like every human needs a first aid kit, so does every pet. That’s why every dog owner needs to have a first aid kit for their pet. You should include items like cornstarch (for broken nails), Bag Balm (for irritated skin), medication, and anything else your vet feels is appropriate.

Ten Items Every Dog Owner Needs #4: Proper Brush

Every dog owner needs a brush that is made for their type of dog. Different breeds require different brushes. But, the most important thing a brush needs to do, is remove loose hair without hurting your pet. You may want to ask your vet which brush they think would be best. A decent brush will cost no more than $10.

Ten Items Every Dog Owner Needs #5: Extra Pet Food for Emergencies

Every dog owner needs to have extra pet food for emergencies. Just like you stock up on water, canned food, etc. for bad weather situations, you also need to stock up on pet food. If you live in an area that makes it impossible to get out during snow storms, be sure to pick up a few cans of dog food when you pick up your bread and milk.

Ten Items Every Dog Owner Needs #6: Bottled Water

There are times when your water may not be fit for consumption. This means that you shouldn’t give it to your pet either. That’s why every dog owner needs to keep bottled water on hand for their pets as well and themselves.

Ten Items Every Dog Owner Needs #7: Carrying Crate

It is not safe to allow your pet to ride in your car without a crate or pet seatbelt. While a pet seatbelt may be preferred by your pet, a carrying crate is something that every dog owner should own. Not only are crates good for transporting your pet, but they also give them a place to feel safe during storms and other stressful situations. The price of a crate will vary depending on your pet’s size, but shouldn’t exceed $100.

Ten Items Every Dog Owner Needs #8: Pet Notebook

Every dog owner really does need a pet notebook. A notebook with pockets is preferred because you will be able to keep the pet’s shot records in the notebook as well. Inside the notebook, make a list of important numbers such as your vet, emergency vets, groomers, and boarding kennels. Also make note of any other important information that a pet sitter may need to know.

Ten Items Every Dog Owner Needs #9: Pet Inside Sticker

You can actually find stickers that alert firemen that you have a pet inside your home. This is an item that every dog owner needs. This way, the firemen will know to do everything they can to find your pet, even if you aren’t there when the fire takes place.

Ten Items Every Dog Owner Needs #10: Teeth Cleaning Treats

Believe it or not, bad teeth are enough to send dogs to an early grave. It’s important to keep your pet’s teeth as clean as possible. That’s why every dog owner needs treats that are designed to clean their pet’s teeth. Dingo makes several treats that not only keep teeth clean, but dogs love as well.