You want to buy a small dog! There are many choices but every breed has different characteristics. Selecting the right one is not always easy. Small dogs look so cute although they may not stay that way. Do some research to see which one would suit you best and here looking at the different breeds is essential since there are health considerations and suitability to your household to take into account.

There are several reasons why people choose a small dog. A number of small dog breeds make the perfect companion for people who live in an apartment. People who have children are more likely to choose a small dog because of the safety although this is not always the case with snappy dogs that can bite small children. We often read where large dogs have attacked children even though they know each other well. Small ones can as well, although there are some breeds that are more child friendly than others.

You can train a large dog, although children challenge them, and that can lead to unpredictable behavior of the dog. We often read that children are killed by large dogs. A small dog protects you against these kinds of problems. They can bite but children are certainly safer with a small dog, especially one that is well trained.

When you consider buying a small dog you need to be sure that your lifestyle suits the needs of your small dog. It is necessary that you spend a lot of time with them. Every dog needs exercise and a daily walk with your small dog is something you cannot forget to do. Never buy a small dog instead of a large dog because you want to spend less time with your new friend!Very often small dogs desire more playtime and it is important to pay attention on the important visits to the vet and have the necessary vaccinations.

All small dogs have their own characteristics and even in the same breed there are differences. Something important in making your choice is that you prefer to choose one which doesn’t lose hair so that you don’t have the problem with hair on your clothes. A good example of this dog is a poodle. This is a popular breed which the advantage that this dog doesn’t lose hair but it is necessary to cut his hair regularly. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself you can visit a doggy saloon with specialized people although these can be very expensive. Be aware that you can better spend a little bit more money on cutting his hair because it is very important for his health and can save you money because your dog will be in a better health.

When I was young we had a poodle. We bought it because one of our neighbors had a similar one and it was funny to see him swimming in the water. But the same breed has also different characteristics. The one we bought didn’t like swimming. He was afraid of water; even when we wanted to go outside for a walk with him and he saw that it was raining he didn’t want to walk; he preferred to be inside. Swimming was certainly something that he didn’t want to do. We went to a place swim with our neighbors dog but we failed to get him in the water; so you can see that some characteristics are different in the same breed of small dog. Of course it is important to have some knowledge of certain characteristics which are common in the same breed to make the right choice for your small dog.

Some popular breeds of small dogs are:


Chihuahuas are small dogs which are well known for being fiercely loyal but have often an attitude of larger dogs; they are not the perfect choice when you have children because they bite easily. They don’t need much exercise and it doesn’t matter if you live in small home or a large one. Training is necessary from an early age and they can be socialized with other animals if they live together from a young age.


The Maltese is maybe one of the cutest small dogs in the world. They like playing and are lively. An important characteristic is that they are trusting to their master and are mostly gentle, loving and certainly intelligent. They are ideal for living in an apartment and are very active inside.


Yorkshire Terriers: probably the smallest breed you can find. These kind of puppies are very jealous but are very loyal as companion. Mostly they choose their favorite master.

Small dogs are often very energetic and excellent for children and also older people. They live mostly longer than larger dogs; the average age is around 15 years dependent of the breed of dog. Both need exercise and these animals can improve the health of these people to obligate them to be active busy with them.

Choosing the one who fits you is certainly a matter of research and if you can find the right one you will have the best friend you can imagine and one that becomes part of your family.