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Top 10 Dog Toys That Dogs Love

Are you tired of your doggy chewing on your favorite shoes, your furniture and a variety of other objects they’re not supposed to? It is the perfect time to find dog toys your pet will absolutely love. Not sure where to begin? No problem! The good news is there are many other pet owners who’ve searched out the absolute best toys for dogs.

Motor-driven Toys and Balls – Virtually any ball, vehicle, or other gadget which runs around the floor can keep your dog busy for hours. You can find toys with sounds, flashing lights, and with tails or other items pulled around behind the motorized toy. The majority of dogs love these types of devices, although you should make sure any toys you give your pooch are pet safe and that they do not have any small parts your dog may swallow. Remote control cars work great for this!

Puppy Frost Bite Frisbees – Despite how much your dog may love it, a typical Frisbee is really a bit unsafe for your four-legged friend. The plastic of a Frisbee can break and splinter in their mouths and be accidentally swallowed, causing serious digestive issues. Frost Bite Frisbees are flexible and will, at most, just puncture rather than splintering. They also work great in cold temperatures, so they will not break should you forget them outside. Buy now!

Kong Toys – Designed for both pet entertainment and pet owner piece of mind, Kong toys help keep your pooch occupied for hours when you’re not at home. They’re great for pets who suffer from separation anxiety or who tend to be destructive while you’re gone. Kong makes several different toys, all of them extremely durable. The best one for keeping doggie entertained are the thick, rubber snowman-shaped dog toys which you can put treats into. If your pet seems to get bored with the standard Kong, try a squeaking Kong. Browse Kong Toys now!

Tug Toys – there are a variety of tug toys for dogs available in the market. Some are low quality and should be avoided as they may be swallowed by your pet, causing serious health problems. Toss-a-Lot and Kong dog toys are durable and will last a long, long time. Some squeak, which a lot of dogs love. Browse the best tug toys now!

Squirrel Dude – The newest in innovative little rubber chew toys, the Squirrel Dude, similar to the Kong, keeps your pet entertained. Unlike the Kong, these toys for dogs have a timer which pops out snacks from time to time while your dog plays with it. Great to keep your pooch mentally stimulated and out of trouble while you’re gone, these dog toys will certainly have your pet begging for the next treat. Buy a Squirrel Dude now!

Puzzle Toys – For smart dogs, puzzle toys are a great way to keep them out of mischief. A puzzle dog toy works your pet’s mental faculties as they try to get a treat out of the toy, or work through a series of puzzles or pulls one toy apart to get to another toy in the middle. One of the top smart dog toys in the market right now is the PetPawJoy Pet Play Ball with Tinkle Bell!

Tuffies – As much as your dog may love them, the majority of stuffed animals are not safe for dogs. Most dogs will eventually rip open a stuffed animal and the stuffing is dangerous. Likewise, many stuffed animals and plushies have small buttons, plastic eyes, and other pieces which can break off and be accidentally swallowed by your furry friend. However, Tuffies are constructed specifically for dogs. They come in different levels which have ratings to match up with the different levels of destructiveness of dogs. Get your Tuffy today!

Nylabones – These types of rubber chew bones are incredibly popular when it comes to toys for dogs. They are able to endure even the most powerful jaws and they are even good to help keep your dog’s teeth clean. They may be frozen and you can add peanut butter to them in order to ensure that the nylabone holds your dog’s attention for hours. The Nylabone Dura Chews are the best, since they provide the longest-lasting dog chew.

Obviously the kinds of dog toys your pet enjoys depends a lot on the breed and temperament of dog you’ve got, as well as their degree of energy, their jaw strength, and whether or not they’re easily scared by flashing lights or motors. The majority of dogs will love virtually all of the toys for dogs on this list; however it’s also important that you use your personal judgment as well. No one knows what makes your dog happy as much as you do.

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    Derrick July 8, 2016 at 11:26 am

    This is a must-read list for any dog lover! My dog really likes anything that makes noise 🙂 But I definitely think I’ll put aside some cash and get him a Tuffy. He’ll love that.

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