One of the most significant contributors to the growing number of shelter dogs is prospective dog owners choosing the wrong breed for their lifestyle. So consider yourself realistically. Many people run but what kind of runner are you? Do you run in the morning and then spend twelve hours at work? Do you want a jogging companion who will snooze on the couch while you watch TV? One of these ten breeds is sure to be the right match for you.

1. The Classic Runner.
The classic American dog for the classic American – the Labrador Retriever. Athletic, eager to please, and unbelievable with kids of all ages. Do not underestimate their need for an energy outlet. Although as they age they accommodate most lifestyles, a cooped up young lab will reek havoc on your home.

2. The City Runner.
Beautiful, loving, lazy at home, active out of doors. The Whippet is generally between 20 to 40 pounds of loyal, cuddly dogginess. Clean and quiet, they are a wonderful and stunning dog perfectly suited for a small apartment. They should not, however, be let off-lead in an unfenced area.

3. The Active Family Runner.
Have a non-stop family? Love being outdoors? You might want to consider a Flat-Coated Retriever. LIke other retrievers, they are intelligent and good-natured. They can be a bit too rambunctious for timid, small children, so you’d be better off waiting until they are 5+ years old. These gorgeous dogs are often considered lifelong puppies.

4. The Couch Potato Runner.
Despite their unquestionably athletic physique, the Greyhound is actually a calm house dog. They love nothing more than a warm place to curl up. These dogs may keep up effortlessly on a run, but that is all the outdoors for them! Having them off leash is NOT a best plan of action. Bred to chase prey at high speeds, they will be off without a moment’s notice.

5. The Snow Runner.
Live in Alaska? Okay, maybe not, but as long as you don’t live somewhere hot, a Siberian Husky could be your new best friend. Social, athletic, but an independent thinker. If you can’t handle a challenge or can’t spend much time with your dog, choose a different breed.

6. The Comedic Runner.
Like to laugh? The Bull Terrier is often considered the clown of the dog world. They bond strongly with their owners, most even prefer people to other animals. They do require training – pushovers need not apply.

7. The Empty Nest Runner.

Maybe not so much for the marathoner, but a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy breed still sturdy enough to accompany you on your jog, These dogs LOVE to be loved. Small enough to airline travel, big enough to take some serious cuddling. Not recommended for young, rough children.

8. The Vogue Runner.
Often considered fu fu dogs, the Standard Poodle is a serious athlete, easy learner, and loving companion. These dogs triumph in obedience and are known for being highly intuitive. They do, however, need daily care of their hair and a trip to the groomer every six weeks.

9. The Cat Loving Runner.
Clean and independent with a love of climbing, the Basenji might be the dog for you. Often called the barkless dog, Basenjis yodel instead. This dog does not, however, have a strong drive to please, so positive training is a must!

10. The Dog-Obsessed Runner.
Will your dog be your whole world? Let that world include a Border Collie. Brilliant beyond belief, and active as all get out. If you want to pour your time and energy into dog sports and/or obedience, this dog is for you. This dog is not for the faint of heart, if you don’t have the time and energy, look elsewhere.

Don’t overlook mixed breeds in your search for the right dog. A mixed dog’s temperament tends to mirror the breed whom it most resembles – so your “ideal breed” could be used as a jumping off point. Please also do not overlook breed rescues and shelters. Simply because a dog is homeless does not mean it isn’t purebred.