Top 5 Dog Breeds for Families

One day your child is going to come to you and say those inevitable words, “I want a puppy!.” Most kids go through that phase of wanting a pet, preferably a dog, so how do you choose? Some dogs are good with children and others, not so much. Here is a list of the top 5 dogs that are better choices to bring into a home with children.

  1. Golden Retriever – Very smart, easily trained and usually very gentle with people, as well as children. They are very loyal and want to please their masters.
  2. Labrador Retriever – Playful family dogs that are intelligent and very friendly. They want to be part of the family and are usually good with other dogs as well as humans.
  3. Australian Shepherd – Intelligent dogs with good guardian instincts. These dogs are easily trained, loyal and love his family.
  4. Cocker Spaniel – Playful, but gentle dogs. Usually very friendly with strangers and even other animals.
  5. English Bulldog – Very trustworthy dogs that are extremely tolerant to children in their families. Very patient, strong dogs that hardly ever bark.

Although these dogs are great choices and USUALLY good with families and children, that does not mean they will all be as described. Of course every litter of puppies can have some with bad temperaments. It is important to make sure that you train your dog well and research where they are coming from. Make sure the breeder is not inbreeding the dogs and they are coming from a good environment.

Also, you should never leave a child alone with any dog and always teach your children how to treat a dog and respect their space as well.

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