ToysOpoly 45″ Indoor/Outdoor Pet Playpen Cage. Best Exercise Kennel for Your Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Puppy, Hamster or Guinea Pig. Portable Pen for Easy Travel

ToysOpoly 45 Indoor Outdoor Pet Playpen Cage. Best Exercise Kennel for Your Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Puppy, Hamster or Guinea Pig. Portable Pen for Easy Travel ReviewI doubt there’s anything in the world kore disappointing for your dog than to be left behind when you go out into the world. For dog owners, too, it can be tough leaving the house because it means you’re going to suffer sad puppy-dog eyes as you close the door on your best friend.

The truth is that many dog owners would gladly take their dogs out more, if it meant they didn’t have to spend the day holding onto a leash. The solution is a playpen that is strong, portable, and will allow your dog to enjoy all sorts of environments without risk of them running away.

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ToysOpoly has capitalized on this brilliant solution to the problem of portability with their Portable Playpen Puppy Kennel.


The portable playpen is deceptively large for something that is, indeed, so portable. To give you an idea, the playpen is 24” in height , and 45” in diameter. That means that it is perfect for even the largest dog breeds.

The playpen might be large, but that adds to its versatility. It can accommodate larger breeds, but is also a spacious play area for smaller breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits, and whatever other pets you might have.

The playpen is also extremely lightweight, and that means you can use it anywhere you can think of. If you want a designated pace in your home to keep your pet, it’s more than suited for the job. The Pet Playpen can also be brought outdoors, however, so your dog can accompany you out on camping trips, picnics, or wherever else you might want to go.

The whole package comes with the tent, the zippered top, the zippered bottom, and 4 stainless steel anchors for solid construction. The design comes together in a heartbeat, so you don’t have to spend your weekend out in the sun labouring over confusing instructions.

Once the playpen is setup, you’ll see that it’s design is very well thought out. The walls are mesh, which provides fresh air and will keep the pen from getting stale like other kennels often will.

The walls are fitted with two doors, and that allows for your dog to come and go freely easily at their will. If you’d prefer your pooch stay out, however, each door zips up and makes for a secure kennel.

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If you want a safe place to keep your dog, it better be durable, and here again the Pet Playpen Cage exceeds expectations. The material is durable that will protect it from the elements as well as your dog.

It also happens to be waterproof, which makes it resistant to even rain, so you don’t have to worry about the playpen in poor conditions.


ToysOpoly 45 Indoor Outdoor Pet Playpen Cage. Best Exercise Kennel for Your Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Puppy, Hamster or Guinea Pig. Portable Pen for Easy Travel ReviewCleaning

Whether you choose to use the playpen indoors, outdoors, or for both you can be sure that it will always be easy to clean. It is constructed out of a strong waterproof material, and that means mud, drool, or whatever else your dog throws at it will be easily cleaned.


The material might be tough, but it’s also lightweight. It’s perfect for active dogs and dog owners that want to be able to pick up and go at a moment’s notice. Even if you want it primarily for use in your home, it’s nice knowing you can pack it up at a moment’s notice to make space as needed.


ToysOpoly spent a great deal of time considering what a pet owner needs out of a portable kennel and executed the design perfectly. The two door design, and mesh materials means your dog will be comfortable, even on the hottest of days.


Washing Machine

The playpen is likely too big to be put in the washing machine. If it needs a good cleaning, however, you should take advantage of the waterproof material. Just give the playpen a spray with your hose, or even wipe it down with a damp cloth as needed.

Wrap Up

The Indoor/Outdoor Pet Playpen Cage is a wonderful piece of equipment for dog owners, and any pet owner in need of a safe place for their pet to play. It provides great value for the quality that ToysOpoly has provided.

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